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Locaboo - Efficient room and resource management

Version:  4.5.

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Locaboo - Efficient room and resource management

Locaboo is a web-based software that has developed a simple solution to manage premises in companies, public authorities, churches, sports and leisure facilities with ease. For this purpose, individual widgets are integrated on the website. The widgets are adapted to the design of the website. Depending on your wishes, bookings can be made online via any end device, both from the employees' side and from the customers' side. This allows the bookings to be managed both internally and externally. 

Locaboo is particularly suitable for marketing your own products or services. This can involve, for example, requests for the rental of conference rooms. Your customer has the opportunity to add the additional services you have stored to his booking. These can also be third party suppliers who are directly notified of the booking, e.g. catering, sound engineering, electrics, cleaning etc.  Create your inventory list for bookings directly in Locaboo. Your customer is given the opportunity to add the inventory you have stored when booking. Your inventory can include, for example, beamers, flipcharts, football goals or PCs.

For special events, such as summer or winter season, booking rules can be defined. For repeated bookings you can optionally send collective statements and offer various payment options for direct bookings. Automatic sending of appointment reminders prevents rooms from being booked but not used. In the event of cancellations, other interested parties on the waiting list are notified that the rooms are available again. This ensures maximum utilization of the capacities.

The participant manager is responsible for large visitor flows. Whenever large crowds of people gather, it is advantageous to set the maximum number of visitors. When registering, personal data is required, which can also be printed out if necessary to better trace the chains of infection. With the help of the booking confirmation with QR code, people can check in quickly. In this way the participant manager notices how many people are already present and adjusts the number of slots still available accordingly. 

Important functions at a glance:

  • Make online bookings
  • Retrieve live data
  • keep the distance rules
  • Create posting rules
  • Offer waiting lists
  • Determine maximum number of visitors
  • Minimize waiting times
  • receive online payments
  • Send booking confirmations
  • Use booking reminders
  • Set mandatory fields
  • Use QR code on site for personal identification
  • Print out visitor lists
  • Tracking infection chains

Other interesting functions are, for example

  • Creation of the electronic invoice as PDF 
  • Choose between daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even regional view
  • Payment with Girosolutions, Molli or also PayPal online
  • Determination of the tariff systems depending on the day of the week, weekend, public holiday, month or even time
  • Setting up the displays in rooms for fast booking management
  • Selecting the inventory
  • Monitoring of statistics

Who benefits from Locaboo in particular?

Locaboo already enjoys a broad customer base. We are happy to cater for requests with exclusive extensions.

PS. Unlike other management tools, Locaboo has an unlimited number of bookings. There are no additional costs.

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Target groups:
  • Company
  • Authorities
  • Communities
  • Cities
  • Associations
  • Institutions
  • Public utility
  • Churches
  • Sports facilities
  • Leisure facilities
  • Parks
  • Riding facilities
  • Swimming facilities
  • Ice rinks
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Any institution that has to manage premises
from 177.31 EUR (149.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
from 189.21 EUR (159.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
from 712.81 EUR (599.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
Contact information:
Herr Mario Köglsperger
Director Digital Sales
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