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Central platform providing industry-leading solutions for SM, ERP & EAM

IFS Cloud

Central platform providing industry-leading solutions for SM, ERP & EAM

Version:  22R2

  • IFS Cloud solution combines IFS industry expertise and functional depth on a single API-based platform
  • Embedded digital innovation delivers rapid value and new capabilities - whether customers choose individual solutions or the entire IFS Cloud platform
  • Designed for the cloud, but can also be deployed on-premise without restrictions - according to customer needs

IFS Cloud delivers all the end-to-end capabilities on one platform that companies need to manage their customers, employees and assets to deliver exceptional "moments of service" to their customers. Users can deploy individual best-of-breed solutions with IFS Cloud or bring their entire value chain - including functions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM), asset management (EAM) and field service (FSM) - together on a single platform.

IFS Cloud is a unique technology platform that delivers a unified user experience, a centralized data model and a consistent support offering. IFS Cloud brings together simplicity, choice and innovation for any organization seeking to drive new business models, control costs, expand faster and further meet the needs of their customers. With IFS Cloud, companies can easily scale solution capabilities, seamlessly adding new functionality such as additional modules or innovative technologies as they need them.

Customers have the flexibility to decide how and where they deploy IFS Cloud. The solution is designed for the cloud, but can also be deployed on-premise - with the freedom to choose the location. The solution always offers the same functionalities and the same pleasant user experience, regardless of whether it is operated in the cloud or on-premise.

Evergreen IT: Semi-annual update cycles.

IFS Cloud marks a departure from legacy suites and software portfolios that require complex and costly integrations. The solution makes it easier and more cost-effective to buy, implement, run and update enterprise software. It also marks the beginning of a biannual feature release series that gives customers the ability to upgrade to the latest solution version when their business processes are ready.

Innovative technologies "out of the box"

The IFS Cloud architecture also includes new, enhanced application services for intelligent, autonomous business models that are ready for use across all IFS products and industries. This makes it both realistic and affordable for customers to leverage technologies such as machine learning (ML), augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Since these innovations are already embedded in the solution, they are ready to go.

Pioneer customer: IFS Cloud at Cimcorp Group.

IFS Cloud is currently already being implemented by numerous pioneer customers, for example in the aerospace and defense, construction, energy and utilities, as well as manufacturing and service industries. One such customer is Cimcorp Group, a global leader in robotics and automation systems.

IFS is also introducing the first tranche of the IFS Application Lifecycle Management feature: IFS Lifecycle Experience. This provides users with a portal that gives them complete control over their application - simply by bringing together multiple touch points to ensure access to information, tools, code and permissions.

Target groups:

IFS Cloud is suitable for manufacturing companies, retailers and service providers across all industries.

Specific industry solutions support, among others:

  • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • High tech industry
  • Project-oriented companies
  • Service and facility management
  • Process manufacturing


IFS Cloud is used by over 2,400 companies with more than 1,000,000 users worldwide. In German-speaking countries, around 300 well-known companies are IFS customers.

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Functions (excerpt) of IFS Cloud:

Address management
order creation
Quotation generation
quotation management
Asset management
Task management
Order processing
Order processing
Order data
Order management
Order status
Order tracking
Report management
Inventory management
Resource management
Controlling functions
Data acquisition
Extensible functions
Calendar and appointment management
Key figure reports
Contact management
Customer data
Customer management
Warehouse management
Supplier management
Supplier master data management
Materials management
Open item management
Personnel management
personnel master data
Service calls
Service orders
Software integration
Master data management
Bill of material functions
Workflow management
Payment transactions
Access management


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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
for a fee
First installation (year):
number of installations:
Manufacturer based in:
for a fee
for a fee
Installation support:
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Online Help, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
Win 7
Win Vista
Win XP
Win 9x/ME
Win Phone / Mobile
Min. memory requirements:
256 MB RAM, 1GB Hard disc
data storage medium:
Flash memory
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Oracle database