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WSCAD GmbH, based in Bergkirchen near Munich, is part of the Buhl Group with 700 employees and has specialized in the development of E-CAD solutions for over 30 years. Its customers include planning and engineering offices, medium-sized companies and international corporations. More than 35,000 users from the mechanical and plant engineering sectors as well as from building automation and installation technology work with the integrative WSCAD software. On one platform with a central database, it combines the six disciplines of electrical engineering, control cabinet construction, process and fluid engineering, building automation and electrical installation. A component exchange is immediately completed in the plans of all disciplines. Mechanisms for automation reduce the time required for planning and design from several weeks to just a few hours - with higher quality work results. Modern mobile apps make daily work easier for maintenance staff, service technicians, installers and building planners.

Over 1.4 million item data from more than 340 manufacturers in WSCAD, DWG, EDZ* and 3D STEP format are available on wscaduniverse.combereit, the world's most powerful E-CAD data library. Its use is free of charge, as is the setting of product data by manufacturers. With the help of eleven seamlessly integrated services from WSCAD Global Business Services, users make full and productive use of the WSCAD solution right from the start. These include engineering and migration check-ups, consulting and training, digitization of paper documents or conversion of foreign electrical CAD formats.

When developing its software, WSCAD places great emphasis on intuitive operation and speed. It has never been easier to deliver demanding projects on budget and on schedule within a short period of time and even to exceed the required quality. 

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Areas of Expertise

With ELECTRIX, WSCAD presents the successor of its successful E-CAD solution WSCAD SUITE an.

WSCAD ELECTRIX is our most powerful E-CAD software with modern technologies such as augmented reality, multi-threading and automation.

It is fully compatible with the previous WSCAD SUITE X PLUS - all data and plans can continue to be used and edited 1:1. Plans created with ELECTRIX can also be saved in the previous SUITE X format in a backwards-compatible manner. Among the groundbreaking innovations in WSCAD ELECTRIX is the new editor with many improvements and an intuitive look and feel. In addition to the WSCAD format, it also reads and writes DWG data. Plans in these two formats are natively read, edited and saved again. The conversion previously required for DWG data and the associated time-consuming data import and export are no longer necessary. This is an enormous time-saver, especially for large drawings with many 100,000 elements. The new mouse-over function automatically highlights elements, the handling of rotation variants is more convenient, data export can be flexibly configured through the use of path variables, and wire labels can be created according to the user's own requirements. In addition, the macro library has been further expanded with new macros for refrigeration technology, among other things, and now offers over 300 macros for the building automation sector alone. Also added are data point key plug-ins such as FRAPORT_2 and BKS_Open, as well as new function lists and forms for automated evaluations. Existing data points are automatically assigned to controllers, and circuit diagrams can be generated automatically. This sets new quality standards and saves a lot of time.  

WSCAD ELECTRIX offers solutions for:

  • electrical engineering
  • cabinet engineering
  • fluid engineering
  • building automation
  • electrical installation
  • piping & instrumentation
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