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As a growth-oriented company, we have become the industry leader in standardized HSE software solutions since our founding in 2007. We work closely with our customers to develop software solutions that are characterized by simple handling, the highest security, and maximum adaptability for individual company processes.

Our Quentic software is a unified platform for all tasks, data and information on health, safety and environmental protection. It helps our customers enormously to manage their companies cost-efficiently, securely, sustainably and in an environmentally-friendly way. Moreover, the software is suitable for management systems according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001, which has been officially confirmed by DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH. Our experienced team has the whole range of professional qualifications needed to provide consistently high-quality service to all our clients. In order to reinforce our dedication to quality, we have set up our quality management in accordance with the recognized standards and have received the ISO 9001 : 2015 certificate.

In addition to our headquarters in Berlin, we have offices in Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and overseas in USA.

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Software Development for Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability


Numerous customers already implemented their projects with EcoWebDesk successfully. You can find a selection of our references  and success stories here.

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Quentic – Leading Software for EHS and Sustainability Management
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