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Media Soft Software Technology – Certified Industrial Expert

Media Soft Software Technology GmbH, founded in 1993 in the city of Tholey in Germany’s Saarland region, is a specialist in the area of industry-specific ERP system software for small and medium-sized industrial operations in the field of surface technology and surface finishing. The multilingual, highly scalable OTEC® system software suite helps companies to manage their entire range of operating processes, meet the ever-growing requirements of their customers and partners, and build long-term advantages against the competition on the global market. Powerful interfaces enable companies to integrate their existing software structures and transfer relevant operating, machine, and QM data directly into OTEC®.

Independent system manufacturer Media Soft developed the OTEC® ERP system as well as its associated modules itself. Media Soft also provides customers with personalized services such as customizing, training, and maintenance for the OTEC® software.

Media Soft is one of Germany’s first software manufacturers to have gained the TÜV CERT seal from TÜV Saar in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Received in November 2009, the seal is in recognition of Media Soft’s quality management system.




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Areas of Expertise

Media Soft provides the following services:

  • Development, sales, installation, and support of the OTEC® ERP solution for the surface finishing industry.
  • Consulting – General and industry-specific consultation on ERP software.
  • Development of custom software.
  • Financing of data processing services with leasing models.
  • Training and coaching.

A selection of companies from our list of references that have decided to take advantage of the benefits OTEC® has to offer:

  • AHC Oberflächentechnik, Dr. Hartmut Sauer, AHC facilities in Germany as well as AHC facilities in the Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland (anodizing processes, plasma-chemical anodization, electroless nickel plating, anti-friction coatings, EPD, electroplating processes, special processes)
  • Agru Oberflächentechnik GmbH, Dipl. Ing. Robert Poetsch, Grünburg, Austria (powder coating, anodizing)
  • Betz-Chrom GmbH & Co. KG, Miriam Betz, Gräfelfing, Germany (hard chrome and electroless nickel plating)
  • d-b-g Pulverbeschichtung, Daniel Berghorn, Göttingen, Germany (powder coating and sandblasting)
  • Eloxal Beihingen, Jürgen Weber, Freiberg am Neckar, Germany (anodizing, wood staining, assembly)
  • Friedrich Holst Galvanotechnik, Meike Jess, Hamburg, Germany (electroplating)
  • Heiche Oberflächentechnik, Gunter Heiche, plants in Schwaigern and Leisnig, Germany as well as plants in Poland, Hungary and the United States (anodizing, powder coating, EPD, nano-coating, galvanizing, chromate conversion coating)
  • Höfler Eloxal, Sven Höfler, Steißlingen, Germany (anodizing)
  • Kalek Pulverbeschichtung, David Kalek, Dernbach, Germany (powder coating)
  • Mattik Oberflächenveredelung, Ulrich Mattik, Isernhagen, Germany (industrial cleaning, varnishing, powder coating, blasting, zinc spraying)
  • M. Gladbacher Feuerverzinkung, V. März GmbH & Co. KG, Valentin März, Wegberg, Germany (hot-dip galvanization, powder coating)
  • OTEK Oberflächentechnik Köninger GmbH, Gisela Köninger, Berlin, Germany (anodizing, reel-to-reel electroplating)
  • Piesslinger GesmbH, Stefan Nedomlel, Molln, Austria (anodizing, powder coating, metal processing)
  • Sacotec Pulverbeschichtung, Dipl. Ing. Herbert Rührlinger, 4810 Gmunden, Austria (powder coating)
  • Strähle Metallveredelung, Sven Reimold, Zaisenhausen (anodizing)
  • TK Oberfläche GmbH, Dr. Karl-Heinz Pietsch, Bielefeld, Germany (powder coating, anodizing)
  • W+F Pulverbeschichtung, Hans Frost, Gronau, Germany (powder coating)
  • Wiegmann Metallcolor, Ralf Wiegmann, Bersenbrück, Germany (powder coating, metal working and processing)
  • WK Beschichtung GmbH, Dipl. Ing. Christian Kerschhofer, Guntramsdorf, Austria (powder coating, metal working and processing)

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