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WINPACCS – software for development

WINPACCS – the integrated software solution for international aid organisations
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WINPACCS - The integrated software solution for international aid organisations

WINPACCS digitises business processes in development cooperation: The software is tailored to the needs of internationally active aid organisations, NGOs and consulting companies like no other product. Thanks to modularisation, a highly flexible role concept and configurable interfaces, WINPACCS is scalable and can be adapted to individual requirements. 

As "Software as a Service", WINPACCS is not only flexible, but also always up-to-date: The sector solution is continuously developed further in close cooperation with successful organisations in development cooperation. A unique feature is the integrated floating mixed exchange rate procedure in project accounting, which enables a loss-free conversion of the currencies used in the projects (document currency) into the currency of the office (local currency). In addition, there is optimised donor management: for third-party donors, target-actual comparisons and settlements can be created according to the individual budget guidelines of the donors and flexible additional categories for project accounting can be added.

Applications at a glance

The WINPACCS Cloud offers you worldwide access to all booked functions. In order to be able to handle project accounting offline or when the internet connection is poor, the project accounting and project cashbook functions are also available as desktop modules (WINPACCS Accounting and WINPACCS Cashbook). All WINPACCS applications are seamlessly integrated, exchange the required data automatically and form an overall system. The available languages of the WINPACCS user interface are English, German, Spanish and French.


All accounting data from individual projects flow together in the web-based WINPACCS Cloud software: Important business processes such as project planning and administration, project finances, project controlling and project accounting are managed here regardless of location. Other useful functions such as integrated asset and document management are also available. 

Functions of the WINPACCS Cloud: 

  • Project management
  • Project accounting
  • Project cash
  • Project budgets
  • Project controlling and accounting
  • Digital receipts
  • Project financing
  • Document management
  • Partner management
  • User and person management
  • Donor management
  • Asset management
  • Project planning and monitoring

 WINPACCS Accounting

On site in the project countries, accounting data can be comfortably entered in the desktop application WINPACCS Accounting. The application downloads settings and master data from the WINPACCS Cloud and uploads accounting data. Using preconfigured business transactions, all transactions that occur in project accounting can be posted in a GoB-compliant manner, even by low-skilled accountants. In addition, the application offers experienced employees the possibility to post flexibly according to debit and credit. 

Features & functions of WINPACCS Accounting:

  • Available offline as well
  • Network-compatible: several accountants can book in the same journal at the same time
  • Foreign currencies are automatically converted into the own local currency via the floating mixed rate procedure
  • Diverse, easily configurable reports that can also be exported to Excel
  • Allocation of postings (e.g. costs or receivables) to projects, financing, budget lines, cost types
  • Optional additional account assignment to financing and budget lines for later evaluations in controlling
  • Fast forwarding of bookings to the corporate accounting department at any time
  • Monthly financial statements with detailed documentation of all bookings
  • Upload all bookings, financial statements and, if applicable, digital receipts to the WINPACCS Cloud for inspection and auditing regardless of location.
  • Batch processing function and booking templates for recurring bookings
  • Allocation of bookings to external projects (e.g. distribution of personnel costs to several projects, advances from one project to another).
  • Clear management of open items
  • Input tax and withholding tax easy to book
  • Organisation-wide main chart of accounts with subordinate, specific project chart of accounts


Optionally, WINPACCS Cashbook can be used as a preliminary stage for accounting. With this project cashbook, which was specially developed for the requirements of aid organisations, employees can enter bank and cash transactions without prior knowledge. Via the WINPACCS Cloud, this data is made available to WINPACCS Accounting and reduces manual entries for accountants. 

WINPACCS Cashbook features & functions:

  • Available offline as well
  • High user-friendliness due to modern user interface
  • Individually configurable table views and reports
  • Automatic setup and updating of master data from the WINPACCS Cloud
  • Management of cash books, bank books and receivables
  • Pre-allocation to main accounts, sub-accounts, financing and budget lines optionally possible
  • Diverse support functions such as help or auto-completion of entries in fields
  • Electronic transfer of receipts to WINPACCS Cloud and WINPACCS Project Accounting
  • Automatic data backups in the WINPACCS Cloud


In addition, WINPACCS offers various interfaces:

  • Data exchange between project and financial accounting
  • Integration of relevant accounting data from partner organisations
  • Exchange of project master data with other systems
Analysis and evaluation
Asset management
Order and project times
Document entry
User and rights management
operational key figures
Controlling functions
database integrity
Contribution margins
Contribution margin accounting
E-mail management
Cash inflows and outflows
FiBu interfaces
Financial accounting
Gantt charts
Grouping of cost elements
account and cost center allocation
cost and quantity distribution
Cost analysis and budget control
Cost type, cost center and cost unit accounting
Cost overviews
Customer portal
Employee management
Member administration
monitoring functions
Forecasting and planning
Project workflow
Project evaluations
Project budgeting
Project controlling
Project data acquisition
Project key figures
Project cost centers
Project Management
Project planning
Project statistics
Project templates
Remote access
Target/actual comparisons
Search filter
Text modules
Template management
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