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Key and master key system management (for individual keys and group keys)

Key Organiser - Managing locking systems and key receivers

Key and master key system management (for individual keys and group keys)
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Key Organiser - professional management of key transfers and master key systems

KEY-ORGANIZER key management is a program for managing locking systems, in particular the keys and the associated persons (key recipients). The more keys and the more extensive the locking system, the better it is to keep track. Professional key management is essential, since security is always at stake. Nobody wants the key to be "lost" and it is not comprehensible who exactly got this key.

The software supports you perfectly in administration and logs when which person received a key and when it may have to be returned. Receipts can be printed.

The protocol also shows when in the past which key was issued to whom. The list of return deadlines provides a reminder when a key is overdue to be returned.

You can also map entire locking systems with a locking plan (group keys and locking options) and also manage your locking cylinders. By assigning keys/locks to cylinders and doors, you get an overview of which key or which person has access to which doors (locking plan).

The advantage of the software compared to a key book on paper: You can see the links between all elements and people from different perspectives at the touch of a button, so that frequently asked questions can be answered immediately.


  • Manage multiple locking systems in one view
  • Data import from Excel spreadsheets possible
  • Signature pad possible
  • Multi-user and network capable
  • Print templates can be customized in Word

Target groups:

The target group are medium-sized and large companies with a need for managing the handover of keys, access options and, if necessary, the management of entire locking systems.


References available on request. Our customers include many well-known companies

  • City ​​administrations and municipal utilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Clinics and nursing homes
  • Property management and caretaker service
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Customs offices and police stations
  • Key services and metal construction companies
  • Industrial plants
  • Transport company
  • Car Rentals
  • Department stores
Contact information:
Mr. Jörg Rosenthal
[+49] (0)2941 14123
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Functions (excerpt) of Key Organiser - Managing locking systems and key receivers:

Inventory management
Inventory data collection
Locking plan
Key & Lock Management
Key management
Process management


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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
On-premises (local installation):
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
not required
First installation (year):
number of installations:
über 3.500
Manufacturer based in:
for a fee
included in price
Installation support:
not required
Manual, Online Help, Demo version, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
German, French, English
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
Win 7
Min. memory requirements:
60 MB Hard disc
Data storage medium:
Flash memory

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