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Download Infographic - Tips for choosing warehouse management software

Tips for choosing warehouse management system
Quick tips for comparison
Pay attention to the pick-by functions!
Can you use your preferred picking methods?
Ask the vendor about the picking functions. How many pickers can work simultaneously with the warehouse management system or the pick-by functions. Can several warehouse staff also work on one order at the same time?
Think about the mobile devices!
What possibilities does the solution offer for mobile working?
Are there apps for smartphones and tablets? Look at the vendors' offers regarding the available operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) for the mobile devices you use. Does the provider cover the operating systems and versions of the devices you use?
How much training does the warehouse management system require?
Is the user interface manageable on mobile devices?
When choosing a warehouse management system, also compare the user guidance of the individual systems. For warehouse employees, user-friendly use of the software should also be possible on mobile hardware (e.g. MDE devices, tablets, forklift terminals, etc.).
How well can third-party systems be connected?
A Warehouse Management System needs flexible interfaces!
Think of interfaces to the ERP system or to merchandise management, e-commerce, mobile data capture devices, shipping logistics, etc. The more flexible data can be automatically exchanged with other systems, the more efficient you can work with it.
Do you operate several warehouses?
Is the software multi-client capable?
When selecting a warehouse management system, pay attention to whether the software is multi-warehouse and multi-client capable. For example, can customer-specific requirements be mapped in the handling of goods? Can an extra online portal / dashboard be set up for each individual client?
Warehouse management system
The use of a software for the management of one or more warehouses has several advantages. One advantage is the clear presentation of data on goods receipt and goods issue. Another advantage is the real-time insight into the warehouse stocks. Through the software, a smooth process of storage, transfer and retrieval can be ensured. Depending on the warehouse strategy and the use of picking techniques such as pick-by-light, etc., sources of error are reduced. This usually increases efficiency and productivity. Especially for operators of larger or multiple warehouses, the use of an appropriate warehouse management system is indispensable.
Important modules of the warehouse management system
  • Warehouse structure

  • Master data management

  • Goods Receipt

  • Order management

  • Inventory Management

  • Stocktaking

  • Order picking

  • Packing

  • Shipping

Typical additional functions of a warehouse management system
  • Batch management

  • Best before date

  • Hazardous materials

  • Cross-Docking

  • Kitting

  • Different storage strategies

  • Resource planning

  • Forklift control system

  • Customs

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Download infographic Tips for choosing a warehouse management system
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