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CaptainCasa introduces user-friendly browser notifications for business applications

New feature allows you to send and receive notifications from within the minimized browser - perfect for business applications.

Heidelberg, 18.09.2023 - CaptainCasa, a proven provider of web-based applications, announces the introduction of a convenient feature that enhances the user experience for business applications. Effective immediately, users can receive and respond to notifications from CaptainCasa-based browser applications even when the browser is minimized or running in the background.

The key benefits of this new feature are:

1. visibility when the browser is minimized: Users receive important notifications without having to maximize the browser. This is especially helpful for business applications where continuous communication is required.
2. Customizable notifications: Users can customize notifications according to their individual needs to minimize distractions and receive relevant information.
3. easy integration: the notification feature is easily integrated with CaptainCasa browser applications and requires no additional installations or extensions.
4. privacy and security: CaptainCasa attaches great importance to privacy and security. All transmitted data is securely encrypted.

The introduction of this feature illustrates CaptainCasa's commitment to providing user-friendly and effective solutions for businesses.

"The machine malfunction in an MES (Manufacturing Execution System); the critical order whose turnaround time is not met; the notification of an unauthorized access attempt in access control management - these are all scenarios where the notification chain should not stand still just because the related application is not visible in the browser at the moment. That is why the active notification function is an important element of our framework. It is part of a synchronous event forwarding from the location of the event through the server and into the user's interface," said Björn Müller, CEO of CaptainCasa. "We are excited to offer our customers this innovative feature that will increase efficiency and productivity."

CaptainCasa customers can start using the new notification feature immediately. For more information, visit the CaptainCasa website at

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