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In this SoftGuide section you will find programs and add-ons related to the Tobit David software from the German software company Tobit Software. David is an in-house server solution for e-mail, fax, voice mail, SMS, text, image, voice and video, scheduling, address management, document management (DMS) and project planning. It includes groupware and enterprise networking in one and provides a tool for information exchange. The solutions listed here support, among other things, server migration from Tobit David, archive repair, appointment synchronization, e.g. with MS Outlook, and offer, extraction options for e-mail attachments with simultaneous attachment cataloging.

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Document management
Innovative archiving-, document management- and workflowsystem HABEL for electronic archiving of all business documents. Getting information within seconds about all business processes in consideration to individual demands. We realise an archive solution configured for you. Realised interfaces for the complete integration of HABEL: ABAS Software AG, Baan, BAB Data Systems, BOG, BSK Software GmbH, DINAS Strübing GmbH, Dr. Maier CSS Varial, FibuNet, Spitzer, Fornoff & Heintzenberg, HM-Software GmbH ...
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