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Workflow for Archiv.Net

Software to simplify workflows!
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Workflow for Archiv.Net - simplify your workflows!

The software supports you in optimizing and standardizing work processes as well as monitoring the deadlines of the individual processing steps. For example, deadlines such as cash discount periods etc. can be reliably adhered to via a workflow. The workflow software for Archiv.Net supports the parallel processing of several work steps as well as freely definable substitution rules. Simply and effectively use the software to ensure that the relevant processor automatically has the current documents (invoices, orders, quotations, etc.) at hand and can process them without delay. The respective decision paths, release requirements, etc. can be taken into account.


  • powerful and flexible workflow system
  • easy and effortless to install
  • preconfigured elements for the setup and definition of workflows

The Workflow for Archiv.Net software supports you in maintaining an overview of the documents in circulation in the company. The digital workflow system can, for example, ensure that all required work steps within a process are actually followed. This usually leads to a reduction in errors. Incoming invoices, customer orders, quotations are assigned to the processors stored in the system or to their representatives.

After incoming documents (such as order confirmations, delivery bills, invoices, etc.) have been scanned, they are evaluated. First, the supplier is determined, then the item lines and finally the document totals (if available). Line cross totals and document end totals are checked mathematically and the read document contents are displayed on the screen. Discrepancies are highlighted in color and can be corrected manually. The document is then forwarded to the next processing step under workflow control.

Workflow Client

  • Administration with comprehensive rights system
  • Definition of workflow process types and masks
  • Definition of any number of document-oriented workflows
  • Use of macros
  • Workflows in any number of stages
  • Overview of active workflow processes
  • Creation of user-defined fields
  • External workflow designer
  • Graphical representation of workflows for easy overview
  • automatic workflow reaction to Archiv.Net data
  • Escalation feature
  • Substitution rule
  • User interface for the completion of incoming workflow tasks with display of the relevant document
  • Inquiry about processes
  • Workflow history

Additional modules

Document recognition for order confirmations

  • Analysis of the contents of order confirmations from the scan directory
  • Determination of suppliers and master data
  • Comparison of article numbers, quantities and prices with previous orders
  • Colored marking of discrepancies
  • Possibility to create a purchase order for comparison if none exists
  • Additional information can be entered in freely definable fields
  • Possibility to supplement/correct the document contents not or incorrectly determined by OCR recognition
  • Possibility of supplier-specific document definition for incoming documents that are not automatically recognized
  • Automatic archiving in Archiv.Net
  • and much more

Document recognition for incoming invoices (order confirmation features plus):

  • Sum analysis determination of the invoice line contents with automatic cross calculation control of the invoice sum by adding up the values recognized by OCR
  • Possibility to add to or correct the determined document contents
  • Option of supplier-specific document definition
  • Creation of an accounting file

Document recognition for delivery bills (order confirmation features plus):

  • Possibility to add/correct the document contents
  • possibility of supplier-specific document definition for not automatically recognized incoming documents
  • without the possibility of creating a purchase order
  • Notification of the supplier in case of anomalies (via mail) incl. creation of the delivery bill possible
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Target groups:

Workflow for Archiv.Net is industry-independent and can be used by small businesses to upper mid-sized companies.

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