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Workforce Management and AI Duty Scheduling - All-in-One 


Workforce Management and AI Duty Scheduling - All-in-One 

Version:  9.2

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Softworks Workforce Management - HR & AI Duty Scheduling All-in-One

At the heart of Softworks workforce management software is a fully comprehensive HR software module that gives you a centralized area to securely store and manage HR information, employment data, skills and training details, payroll, benefits and more. Our HR management software is cloud-based but also available server-based, giving you the flexibility to work wherever you are. You can also use the Softworks solution to complement your existing HR software.

Softworks Modules

  • Time recording & admission control
  • Controllable via employee app (Android/IOS)
  • Automatic duty roster creation 
  • Manual staff scheduling
  • Software controlled leave management
  • Automatic timesheet
  • Expense management
  • Appointment management and workflow
  • Flexible working hours (flexitime, part-time, home office, at customer site)
  • Learning and qualification management

Time Recording

Time tracking module perfectly supports your company in recording and analyzing working hours and attendance control. Among other things, the module provides detailed data and reports on hours worked, absences, overtime, flextime balances, employee schedules, etc. It is scalable and can be customized to meet your operational requirements, ensuring automated compliance with all your company's payroll rules and legal regulations.

Time tracking integrates with several leading third-party applications, including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Ceridian, Workday, ADP, Ultimate, NGA and many more.

Learning and Qualification Management

The Learning and Skills Management module helps you, among other things, to ensure that all employees receive and complete the training required for their role. It enables effective management of training requirements and training plans. The solution is proven to reduce employee training costs by centrally managing, tracking, and reporting on employee learning activities.

Expense Management

The expense management module efficiently helps you reduce the time spent on submitting expense claims and also speeds up the reimbursement and approval process. Employees can enter their own expense details themselves using the software. It also includes workflow functionality that allows management to approve or reject submitted requests through the same system.

Vacation Management

The vacation management module is designed to reduce the management of planned and unplanned absences in your organization. By providing accurate, real-time attendance information, our employee leave management software can help minimize the negative impact and cost of unplanned absences, such as sick leave. At the same time, the module facilitates the management of leave entitlements, such as maternity leave, parental leave, caregiver leave and force majeure.

Target groups:

  • any company with challenging HR and rostering needs
  • healthcare
  • industry
  • public administration
  • trade
  • hospitality industry
  • financial industry
  • service provider
  • pharmaceutical industry


Our references include:

  • Hertz
  • Intel
  • Lidl
  • Royal British Mail
  • Heineken
  • DHL
  • Apple
  • Volkwagen Bank
  • Coca Cola
  • and much more
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Mr. Thomas Schneider
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Functions (excerpt) of SOFTWORKS:

Absence management
Working time recording
Working time management
employment planning
Duty rosters
Duty roster display
Digital personnel file
Real-time tracking
Shift planning
Export functions
Graphical resource planning
Multi-user capability
Mobile working time recording
Mobile time recording
Break times
Personnel data management
Personnel resource planning (PRP)
Personnel planning
personnel master data
Personnel time recording
Qualification requirements
Qualification profiles
Remaining vacation
Overtime calculations
Calculation of vacation entitlement
Vacation entitlements
Vacation management
vacation days and absences
Vacation overviews
Time and work plans
Time recording
Time recording interfaces
Time recording systems
Time models, time accounts
Time planning


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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
On-premises (local installation):
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
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possible for a fee
First installation (year):
number of installations:
Manufacturer based in:
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Installation support:
included in price
Manual, Online Help, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
English, German, French, Italian
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):