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planning tool for production in connection with existing ERP systems

simcron production planning

planning tool for production in connection with existing ERP systems
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Stand alone production and manufacturing planning for production systems (MOM, ERP, MES)

simcron Production Planning is a powerful planning platform that integrates IIoT-compliant best practice solutions, providing users with proven functionalities for the production environment above all.
With the character of a stand-alone assistance system, simcron PPS is designed to robustly and experimentally provide "what if?" production planners and those responsible for SCM processes in purchasing, sales, sales planning and controlling with a comprehensive basis for decision-making. These planning statements, determined by means of simulation runs, are always based on the current data and data qualities of the leading production system, which are provided cyclically or event-driven. A "digital twin" is generated for the planning processes.
simcron PPS can be adapted to virtually any given production situation by means of comprehensively implemented and expandable control systems, such as comprehensive priority control, set-up optimisation, production in cycles, batch processes, shuttle operation, use of assembly teams... to virtually any given production characteristic:

  • project production
  • variant production
  • contract manufacturing
  • series production

The simcron planning platform is highly flexible and also offers intuitive operation with modern editing and planning features. The challenge of transferring the data models of the leading production system into an equivalent simcron PPS data model, the "digital twin", is supported by corresponding generation tools, especially for routings, technologies and product structures.
simcron production planning can be extended with additional function modules, for example a project planner, a resource/personnel planner or also optimisation tools.

As an assistance system, simcron PPS offers the possibility of being adapted to the leading production system in terms of planning objectives. Thanks to the integrated MRPII pre-planning, requirements taken over from the sales order or warehouse level can control the planning just as much as all binding procurements of production, cooperation and purchasing. Another important feature is the possibility of delimiting locations, production areas, product groups, etc. in relation to the production system and planning each of these separately.

simcron PPS supports all important and common planning goals in a rule-based manner and taking capacity limits into account. Order delivery date determination and cyclical delivery date navigation in the context of the capacity loads of all current orders is a key objective for sales and for undisturbed production. The assistance system approach also provides excellent support for quotation delivery date determination.

simcron PPS enables prognostic statements on utilisation situations, bottlenecks, order and resource conflicts with every planning run. A powerful graphical planning level with integrated adhoc simulation facilitates this analysis, among other things by comparing different planning runs according to target variables.

simcron PPS makes it possible to use various self-defined planning strategies. Continuous overall company planning, including location planning, and derived planning for individual production areas are common. With the inclusion of integrated sales planning, simcron PPS can be a valuable tool for medium-term and strategic planning as well as for decision-making, especially for investments.

As an assistance system, simcron PPS provides dedicated support for the SCM planning managers in their analysis and decision-making processes and supplies the production system with consistent order scheduling and allocation data for production control, also via an online data interface. It thus makes the results and specifications of the planning available to all other process participants in production, purchasing and sales in a timely manner. Extensive results data from the planning runs are also available to Controlling. By using this data in business intelligence systems, a high degree of transparency of the production processes can be created.

Production planning with simcron PPS:

  • The basis is the intelligent transfer and flexible management of all planning-relevant master, movement and current confirmation data of the leading production system.
  • Other separate production-related systems can also be integrated for relevant information - e.g. time recording, PDC or QA.
  • As classic resources, machines, machine groups, production equipment, assembly areas, etc. are taken into account in the planning according to availability and detailed shift schedules.
  • Complex parallel and alternative resource links are mapped on the four levels of resources, operations, articles and concrete orders.
  • Employees, teams and qualifications are considered as the limiting resource of the resource linkages.
  • Graphical tools (Gantt charts) in nine combinable views are available for editing and displaying results.
  • Evaluations are also carried out in tabular form with an integrated report generator.
  • Views of the "critical processes" and target value comparisons are available for the analysis of condensed data.

Your benefit:

  • short-term solution availability through complexity reduction to the topic of planning
  • significant reduction in throughput times
  • reduction of set-up costs
  • reduction of the effort for production planning and control
  • relief of staff, especially from routine shop floor tasks
  • meeting delivery deadlines and thus increasing customer satisfaction
  • decision-making certainty through high transparency in short-, medium- and long-term planning
    and through "what if? -strategies
  • involvement of all process participants (sales, purchasing, work preparation, production)

With simcron PPS, we offer you an assistance system platform to support production-related planning topics on the basis of the latest simulation-based detailed planning technologies. We create a wide range of possibilities to remove planning topics from the complexity of ERP and production systems with their rough planning character and to optimise online production control with planning decisions that are free of contradictions and low in waste.

Target groups:

simcron PPS - an innovative assistance system for production planning - is designed for use in the environment of established ERP systems. Simcron PPS significantly expands the classic APS approaches of pure planning of production orders and proposals of the upstream system. It is thus suitable for all users (project production, variant production, make-to-order production, batch production) who want to expand their existing ERP system with rule-based planning against limited capacities.


Target groups:

Simcron PPS is an innovative assistance system for production planning and can also be used in conjunction with established ERP solutions. It is thus suitable for all users (project production, variant production, make-to-order production, batch production) who want to expand their existing ERP system with rule-based planning against limited capacities.


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