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The all-in-1 smart seminar software to manage your venues and events
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SeminarDesk, the all-in-one seminar software

SeminarDesk is an all-in-one seminar software that offers all features that workshop venues, retreat centers and seminar leaders need. From event planning to online booking and billing - all of this and more can be accomplished with SeminarDesk.

SeminarDesk was originally developed in close cooperation with workshop venues and retreat centres. And that is exactly why SeminarDesk is so intuitive and easy to use. No complicated software, no more endless Excel spreadsheets and no more paperwork!


The software is divided into the following areas

  • Planning and organization

  • Event calendar (integration into website possible)

  • Online registration (standard form can be modified)

  • Participants and speakers/trainers

  • Room or bed occupancy

Board and lodging

  • Premises and resources

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

All data (rooms, catering details, price lists, etc.) can be easily and quickly set up in SeminarDesk and can be easily extended without any programming knowledge. All important information about trainers, guests/participants, seminars, dates, etc. as well as invoices can be accessed at any time by authorized employees. Access rights can be assigned for specific areas.

 Occupancy plans for accommodations, check-in lists, room change lists, kitchen plans, room occupancy plan as calendar - the report feature in SeminarDesk leaves (almost) nothing to be desired. However, if you are missing a very special report type, it can be added without much effort.

Some highlights of SeminarDesk are

  • All-in-one solution

  • Comfortable and yet simple administration of master data

  • Outstanding flexibility

  • Central data management

  • Website integration

  • Online registration & Payment

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Interface to accounting software like DATEV (other interfaces can be added as well)

  • etc.

Publish seminars on your website with a click using the integrated publishing function. Participants can register for seminars online on your website.

You can create seminar invoices in no time with SeminarDesk. Open items are clearly displayed and the participant statistics and sales overview provide transparency and planning reliability.


Practice shows that rigid program specifications in a software often cannot be reconciled with everyday business. SeminarDesk is therefore designed to be flexible and allows, where necessary for practical use, supposedly "wrong" entries such as multiple occupancy of a room or overwriting price proposals if other arrangements are made. If entries are made that are not plausible, the user receives a warning.


Together with our customers we are constantly developing the best seminar software for small, medium-sized and large seminar companies! For us, a transparent product roadmap is as much a part of the service as a community in which users can exchange information and help each other. Everyone benefits equally from improvements and new functions - without additional costs for the individual.

Curious? We would be happy to show you in a live presentation what SeminarDesk has to offer. Get in touch today!

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Address management
Task management
Occupancy plan
User and rights management
User management
Catering management
Controlling functions
Lecturer management
Duplicate functions
Electronic payments
Event planning
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Customer history
Customer portal
Custom branding
Course booking
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Mailing functions
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Online booking functions
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Reservation management
Resource Management
Seminar planning, seminar catalogs
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Target groups:
  • Event organizers
  • Event manager
  • Venues
  • Centres, centers
  • Seminar houses
  • Retreat Centers
  • Workshop venues
  • Seminar organizer
  • Conference Houses
  • Institutes
  • Educational institutions
  • Organizations
  • Studios
  • SurfCamp
  • Camp Centers
94.01 EUR (79.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
177.31 EUR (149.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
296.31 EUR (249.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) monthly
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