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Combine knowledge, process and quality management in one interactive management system! With the collaborative management software, you document your company's own processes in a central location. Decentrally, each employee contributes new knowledge and existing empirical values to the intuitively operable system: All knowledge carriers optimize processes, work instructions, etc. together and actively help shape the company. The freely configurable release workflow reliably ensures correct content.

Thanks to participative leadership, employees identify with the content: With, you can anchor best practices in the company for the long term. With up to 100 read accesses per month per employee, agile management systems are demonstrably the most lively on the market. The dusty QM manual becomes a process-oriented information and work platform - you benefit from a dynamic organization with a stable foundation! 

With you manage

With you achieve

  • tasks and projects
  • clear responsibilities and minimized search times
  • meeting minutes and agendas
  • participatory management
  • workflows, processes and process knowledge
  • digitized processes without programming knowledge
  • risks and opportunities
  • consistent use of all employee knowledge
  • audits and measures
  • minimal maintenance with maximum effect

Your advantages at a glance

  • transparent processes thanks to automated document control
  • collaborative process modeling after a short learning curve
  • integrated file management for forms and templates
  • low technical effort thanks to browser-based software
  • relaxed audits thanks to direct assignment of standard-relevant content
  • individual rights management for the protection of sensitive data
    Target groups: is suitable for any company in any industry that wants to make efficient use of its employees' know-how - from start-ups with 20 employees to corporations with 10,000 employees.

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