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OneOffixx - Your Ideal Template Mangement System

OneOffixx Template Management: Optimized Templates for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
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Documents and PowerPoint presentations are just as much a part of everyday digital business life as statistics, customer data and more recorded in Excel. However, identical structures and designs of corresponding templates simplify the application for all employees from the individual work areas of your company. Even the signatures in the uniform design of the e-mail program are an important argument for your external image to opt for a fully comprehensive solution such as OneOffixx from PrimeDocs GmbH. Present yourself and your company with a professional corporate identity in all areas.

OneOffixx - template management for Microsoft Office templates not only simplifies the creation of document templates for users. Their use, administration and maintenance is also compressed and simplified, so that the time spent can be limited to the essentials. Use the free capacities of your IT department better for other tasks. Because the maintenance of the created templates is kept to a minimum by the software and you can be sure that your corporate designs can be displayed correctly and used consistently everywhere.

OneOffixx template management offers many advantages for private companies, government agencies, organizations and for special compliance requirements. You want to use the same template in the management as in the internationally operating marketing department at other locations? Your IT department is overloaded with time because of the previous template maintenance? Your content creation needs a simplified integration of text modules? Then take advantage of the OneOffixx template management.

Your most important features of OneOffixx:

  • uniform Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook templates
  • exact logo, brand, style sheet and address integration
  • template and data management on a central level
  • cross-location and cross-company templates in different languages
  • ideal for eMarketing campaigns that are time-controlled
  • individual adaptations at any time and automatically
  • can also be used offline
  • accurate and user-friendly document creation
  • workflows and processes become more efficient
  • costs of operating expenses are reduced
  • with interfaces to other tools and CRM
  • CI/CD updates at the push of a button
  • reduced effort for support and template creation
  • location-independent access system for authorized users
  • dynamic signatures
Address management
Data maintenance
Print templates
E-mail attachments
E-mail signature
Form management
form templates
Sample letters, contracts
Sample templates
Text modules
Text module management
Text editing
Word processing
Text templates, sample texts
Preprints and version management
Template management
preview and duplex printing
Target groups:
  • Companies, public enterprises and organizations working with Microsoft Office
  • Companies having trouble displaying their unified corporate identity on all documents and in emails
  • Companies based on several locations wanting to consolidate their CI/CD
  • Companies with special compliance requirements (e.g. public enterprises, law firms)
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