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Keelings Business Solutions (KBS)
ERP software powered by industry expertise

Keelings Business Solutions (KBS)

ERP software powered by industry expertise

The international import-export sector for fruit and vegetables places complex demands on the trading industry, which the ERP software "International Trade" can map perfectly. Nowadays, it is particularly important to work with producers, to build trust and to be transparent. The industry-specific ERP software "International Trade" includes all important functionalities to map e.g. seasonal and shipment management, transport planning, flexible cost allocation methods and profit margin management for sales.

With the industry-leading ERP software solution, you improve controls in your operation and make better business decisions. Food safety and traceability are at the heart of the software's features. Mobility helps you keep your business ahead of the game. Record all your fruit and vegetable movements with the latest mobile technologies. ERP software gives your staff and your business access to accurate daily profitability reports and sales forecasting.

Modul und Highlights

  • Procurement
    The purchasing module of the Keelings Knowledge ERP software is designed for all processes in procurement. All costs of the value chain are recorded in the software. The module gives you an overview of those products with which you make a lot of profit and shows which areas can be made more efficient.

  • Logistics
    The ERP complete solution "International Trade" offers a logistics module for various areas that can be used to plan the transport of incoming deliveries by road, sea and air. Special functions support the flow of goods through customs clearance, the planning of incoming goods and much more.

  • Quality
    The module provides you with all the essential functionalities for mobile quality inspections. Incoming and outgoing goods inspections as well as repeat inspections guarantee that all relevant data is available to your employees and that customer-specific quality agreements are adhered to.

  • Food safety
    Full traceability down to pallet level is an important highlight of our ERP software. All movements of a pallet through the warehouse can be efficiently recorded. In the event of a product recall, you receive a complete audit trail of all pallets at the touch of a button.

  • Production
    Our solution for international trade provides you with information and analyses quickly and reliably, enabling you to optimise your activities. Share detailed information within the company with all relevant partners such as producers and suppliers. Your team can make better purchasing, sales, production and distribution decisions based on this information.

  • Sale
    The software supports the sales flow for direct sales, production sales or sales of expected deliveries. Optimise your sales processes to consistently satisfy your customers. It doesn't matter if your customer is a retailer, an international trading company or a catering delivery service: our sales module can be configured for one or all types.

  • Warehouse management
    Warehouse management becomes more complex the more products you trade. The fruit and vegetable industry is already complex in itself and our ERP software is able to manage all stock movements throughout the supply chain. Based on real-time information, special offers can be made to customers when stock is too high and inventory can be replenished in time to meet customer demand.

  • Warehouse management system
    The comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) module offers all the important functions for detailed and accurate inventory management. It supports touch screens and barcode scanning for the internal flow of goods from order to goods receipt. The solution offers extensive options, e.g. labels for traceability, quality checks, controlled picking with scanning devices for shipping and loading. Real-time inventory data provides accurate insight into stock in the warehouse and the exact location of stock.

  • Forecast planning
    Forecast planning expands your supply chain options. Create sales forecasts and plan all related activities. With our ERP software, you know the expected results a day in advance.

  • Finance
    The Finance module not only digitises and automates your accounting processes, but also helps you manage and control costs throughout your supply chain. With all these costs, you can create consistent and accurate reports.

  • Business Intelligence
    Get deeper insight into all areas of your business. Business Intelligence provides all key decision makers with the right data to make the right decisions.

  • Customs clearance / customs warehouse
    The customs clearance and bonded warehouse module can be used as an independent module or completely integrated into the ERP software. With the module, companies can meet the requirements of a bonded warehouse and automate customs clearance. The software automates the customs clearance of packaging for your company and the dispatch of the necessary documents and information for customs clearance.


Schnittstelle zur Finanzbuchhaltung (DATEV, ASCII, SAP, Diamant u.a.)

Target groups:

  • Fresh produce traders
  • Fruit and vegetable sector
  • Food traders (wholesale market)
  • Food producers (fruit and vegetables)
  • Gastronomy suppliers
Contact information:
Frau Eva Schröder
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Functions (excerpt) of Keelings Business Solutions (KBS):

Sales planning
Quotation and order creation
quotation management
Quotation system
Asset management
Archiving, paper documents, scanning
Item properties
Asset management
Task management
Order status tracking
Order processing
Order processing
Order data
Order production list
Order grouping
Order management
Order status
Order tracking
Barcode, RFID
Barcode scanner
Barcode support
Barcode printing
Barcode recognition
Barcode generation
Processing of order production lists
User management
Report management
Inventory update
Inventory management
Stock lists
Inventory monitoring
Inventory management
Order and complaint management
Order forecast
Order history
Order management
Operating orders
Resource management
Business Intelligence (BI)
Batch management
CRM interfaces
Data export
Documentation systems
Document workflow
E-mail attachments
E-mail invoice dispatch
Real-time reports
Creation of service reports
Extensible functions
Producer billing system
Label printing
Production types
Production postings
Production proposals, lot sizes
Financial ratios
Financial status
Approval workflow
Annual reports
Expiration date, hazardous materials management
Import functions
Inventory lists
Contact management
Cost analysis and budget control
Cost accounting
Customer data
Customer history
Customer management
Stock movement logging
Warehouse documents
Stock withdrawals
Warehouse management
Storage location allocation
Warehouse mirror
Stock strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO)
Supplier management
Material requirements determination
Material cost planning
Materials management
Multiple locations, branches, sales areas
Multi-stock capability
Open item management
Performance Management
Personnel planning
personnel master data
Price management
product lifecycle management
Product recall management
Product data management
Production Detailed Planning
Production planning
Production control
Forecasting and planning
Process management
Quality control
Quality management
Quality assurance
Blanket orders
Invoice verification
Remote access
Reservation management
Resource Management
Returns management
Recipe management
Raw material management
Traceability, batch tracking
Software integration
Master data management
Start of processes
Bill of material functions
Supply Chain Management
Test systems
Route planning
Sales analyses, ABC analyses
Sales lists
Sales statistics
Sales comparisons
Availability check
Loading area management
Shipping processing
Shipping notification
Shipping functions
Goods issue
Product information
Goods receipt
merchandise management
Web service integration
Web info system
WLAN connection
Workflow management
Incoming payments
Payment entry
Payment transactions
Time and work plans
Certificate Management
Customs clearance
bonded warehouse

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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
On-premises (local installation):
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
included in price
on request
Manufacturer based in:
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included in price
Installation support:
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System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):

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