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fx-project OS - Successful and Effective Project Management Software

fx-project Open Source offers all possibilities - free, web-based, etc.

Version:  V21.2

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NEW: Since June 2021 fx-project is available as OPEN SOURCE solution.

fx-project is offered for the first time as OPEN SOURCE. As a professional PM software for about 20 years on the market. With over 80 person-years of development effort!

fx-project is a 100% web-based and platform-independent, professional project management software that will help you successfully lead your projects to the finish line.

fx-project is a project management software that sets new standards in the open source area!

  • Thoughts quickly to projects - graphically, understandable and any time from any place!
  • The Dashboard: All significant figures always up to date.
  • Graphical reports like Gantt, WBS, Netplan, MTA, EVA or others like Project Progress, Project Status, Travel Expense Report etc., present all information.
  • Manage Main Data of all employees (internal/external), customers (contractors), including their Contract Data, Hourly Rates, Roles, Skill Management, Working Hours, Vacation, Overtime, etc.
  • In addition to the Performance Proof or Time Data Report there are various reports to inform you about every single project detail.
  • The integrated DMS (Document Management System) provides an easy way to add any files to specified categories via drag & drop, incl. detailed logging of Who did What and When with the uploaded documents.
  • Create Invoices with the click of a button, whether Fixed Price, Hourly Based Activities, Travel Expenses and/or Materials
  • Working hours are recorded directly by the employee in the Time Recording and go into the project with the stored Cost Rates. Thus the Project Progress is always up to date.
  • The assigned employees can directly enter their Business Trip with Vouchers incl. the statutory Travel Allowances.
  • Enter and manage Materials from the stock or also time-dependent usages (e.g. hourly costs of a crane) with assignment to the project.

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Microsoft Excel
Daten importieren
Daten exportieren
Task management
Order and project times
processing history
User and rights management
Controlling functions
Data warehouse
Gantt charts
Calendar functions
Communication tools
Contact management
Cost management
Multi-project controlling
Network plan
Network plans
Project workflow
Project evaluations
Project-related vacation planning
Project budgeting
Project controlling
Project data acquisition
Project invoicing
Project costing
Project key figures
Project cost centers
Project Management
Project planning
Project statistics
Project time recording
Travel expense report
Remote access
Resource Management
Status Reporting
Structure plan
Top-down or bottom-up procedure
Trend analyses
Time planning
Target groups:

Specialists and executives in project management, project managers and employees who have or want to take over project responsibility.

Projects in which the efforts of the individual tasks are to be tracked via time recording and assigned budgets.

Projects in which the adherence to deadlines of the results should be ensured.

Projects with dispersed employees who should have a common platform via the Internet.

free of charge (Open Source GNU License - s.
from 296.31 EUR (249.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) annually - Various extension packages - s.
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