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DataQualityTools 6

Data Cleansing Software
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With the DataQualityTools, data can be prepared conveniently and without great effort. This applies in particular to the error-tolerant search for duplicate addresses and the consideration of advertising refusal lists. The program is self-explanatory and therefore easy to use, it is fast and delivers excellent, well-graded results.

Here is a brief overview of the main features of DataQualityTools:

  • Duplicate cleansing
    Among other things, the postal address can be used as a criterion for searching for duplicates/duplicates. Typing errors, omissions and additions, deviations in spelling, interchanged words, abbreviations and nicknames do not pose a problem.
  • Advertising refusal lists / blacklists
    By comparing two lists or tables against each other, it is possible to delete entries from a blacklist from another list. The same options are available for this as for duplicate cleaning. Different spellings do not pose a problem here either.
  • Universal matching
    In addition to the functions tailored to a specific matching criteria, there is also a variant where the criterion for the search for duplicate records can be freely compiled. This way, even very special requirements can be covered.
  • Numerous possibilities to use the result
    The found hits can be deleted not only in the original table. The cleaned data can also be written to a new file or marked in the original table.
  • Enriching data
    The result can be used to enrich data. For example, an e-mail address or customer number from a second table can be transferred to the first table based on the matching result.
  • Geo functions
    These functions can be used to relate addresses to each other geographically or to select addresses within a certain radius.
  • Numerous other functions
    In addition, the DataQualityTools contain a whole range of other functions for preparing data. For example, the gender of a name can be determined on the basis of the first name, or the format of postal codes can be corrected.
  • Local processing of data
    It is not necessary to conclude an extensive order data processing contract, since the data to be processed is processed directly on the PC.
  • Test the program free of charge for one week
    Take the opportunity to test the program for one week free of charge and without any restrictions. Convince yourself.
  • Cost-effective, even for one-time projects
    There is also a suitable license for one-time projects.
Address duplicates
Address synchronization and matching
Configuration Management
Data inspection and cleansing
Data queries
Data cleansing
Data operations
Data check
Data sources
Data selection
Data merging
Duplicate functions
Correction functions
Rules and filters
Search filter
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