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BIC Process Mining

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BIC Process Mining - the powerful tool for tracking, analyzing and monitoring your business processes

Are you confronted with intransparent processes and would like to better understand the processes in your company? BIC Process Mining provides a remedy and illuminates your processes to the core! Thanks to the unique data mining technology, you can track down bottlenecks, errors and weak points in your processes and gain a comprehensive overview of dormant improvement potentials in your company processes. BIC Process Mining is particularly intuitive to use and is based on the world's best algorithms for automated process recognition and analysis.

Your advantages with BIC Process Mining

  • Analyze your workflows thanks to complete process recognition and automated process visualization
  • Compare actual and target processes and ensure more compliance
  • Uncover process variants using variant analysis and identify success factors for efficient process flows
  • Minimize risks through the use of automated compliance checks
  • Use performance mining to measure the performance of your workflows and identify tailored improvement actions
  • Use preconfigured plug-and-play interfaces to analyze process data from your IT systems quickly and easily

Gain business-critical insights with the integrated Data Science process and automatically visualize your business processes in the collaboration portal. Real-time data supports you in optimizing and making your business processes much more efficient.

In the dashboard of BIC Process Mining, the most important information is available to you in a visual format. Get a comprehensive overview of numerous KPIs and monitor the performance of your operations in every process phase. Identify long lead times, outliers, loopbacks and bottlenecks in just a few seconds. Easily and conveniently zoom into views and filter out the data that matters to you. Revolutionize your processes and ensure efficient workflows that cost less time and money and significantly increase your product and service quality.

You can find more information about our tool under BIC Process Mining. With a free trial access to our BPM suite BIC Platform, you will get to know the extensive modeling and processing possibilities and the great benefits for your company.

Process visualization
Analysis and simulation
Contact person related data
Audit management
Task tracking
Basic copy templates
Tree structures
User-defined database fields
Reports and evaluations
Evaluation of risks
Assessment forms
BPMN 2.0
BPMN 2.0 workflows
BPMN 2.0 interface
Change management
Data Mapping
File bundling
Data and structures
data and text mining
Data analysis and visualization
Data acquisition
Database fields
Database types
Data cleansing
Data extraction
Data flow diagrams
Data formats
Data storage
Data modeling
Data maintenance
Data protection
Data storage
Data synchronization
Data visualization
Data preparation
Data summaries
Data merging
Diagram Editor
Document types
Documentation of QM
Document control
Decision trees
event-driven process chain
Filter function
flowchart / flow diagram
Function flow diagram
Hazard catalog
Business process simulation
Business process modeling
legal requirements and standards
Import of process data
Individual data fields
Individual additional fields
Internal audit functions
internal control systems
ISO standard management
IT diagrams
Key figures and key figure systems
Key figure simulations
Class diagrams
Classification and prediction
classification and regression trees
Classification standards
Competence and control functions
Control Specification
Control flow diagrams
Control plan
Control system
Corrective and preventive actions
Corrective actions
Management and verification of reference persons
Machine Learning
Measures export and import
Measures management
Measures status query
Measure tracking
Measures overview
Action tracking
Multi-user capability
Measuring equipment
Measurement protocols
Measured value display
Migration of tasks
Modeling environment
Module Structure
Sample management
Demand forecasting
norms and standards
Standards compliance
Organize & Arrange
Pivot tables and pivot diagrams
Predictive analytics
Process reporting
Process analysis
Process automation
Process descriptions
Process data tracking
Process documentation
Process capability indices
Process intelligence
Process control
Process cost accounting
Process maps
Process management
Process modeling
Process optimization
Process optimization, numerical simulation
Process interface
Process control and key figures
Process templates
Process monitoring
Process tracking
Process visualization
Inspection order management
Test automates
Inspection reports
Inspection data acquisition
Test result display
Test results
Inspection equipment monitoring
Inspection plans
Inspection plan versioning
Quality management
Quality assurance
Risk management
SAP interface
Circuit diagrams and schematics
Semantic search
Sequence analysis
Simulation tools
Division management or category management
Statistical Analysis
Statistical process control (SPC)
statistical methods
Circuit and circuit diagrams
Structural changes
Structured Analysis (SA)
Search filter
Sub-process analysis
Trend analyses
Monitoring of workflows
UML diagrams
Variant management
Dispatch of tasks
Versioning of processes
Visualization and Digitization
Visualization tools
Process object model
Knowledge management
Workflow management
Target diagrams
Additional database fields
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