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BIC Process Design

Professional process modeling for BPM, GRC and QM
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Companies in the automotive, industrial, energy and utilities, public administration, service, healthcare, retail and media sectors face the daily challenge of having to compete with a large number of competitors around the world. In principle, this applies to all industries, because success is what counts in our globalized world. But this entrepreneurial success is no longer achieved with quality products alone. Rather, it is the automated processes that provide today's competitive advantage. The BIC Process Design software developed by GBTEC Software AG is exactly the right tool to help you achieve your business goals faster.

Have you come to the realization that internal business processes are sometimes lacking in transparency, and that workflows tend to be uncoordinated and inefficient? Stand out from your competitors by using the professional and practical process management BIC Process Design. In a short time, you will create an ideal basis for effortless optimization and ultimately for greater efficiency in your company. Use the smart control options, create a basis for optimization with comprehensive analyses and their evaluation and see for yourself how much more efficient the internal business processes will be in the end.

Your advantage when using the BIC Process Design software:

  • professional modeling of processes for GRC, BPM and QM
  • increased productivity
  • higher transparency
  • comprehensive analysis of individual processes including evaluation and reports
  • much faster communication possibilities to the respective processes with the responsible employees
  • includes the components process modeling, process portal, governance workflows as well as document management
  • valid and current documents are easily made available and released for processing by the employees via the access authorizations in the respective areas
  • all workflows are configurable
  • audit-compliant document and process release
  • personalized process views including collaboration options
  • including XML, SAP, process, BPMN 2.0 and API interfaces
  • free test access possible
Process visualization
Analysis and simulation
Contact person related data
Application management
API interfaces
Audit management
Task generation
Basic copy templates
User-defined database fields
User desktops
Reports and evaluations
Report generation
Evaluation of risks
Assessment tools
Evaluation catalogs
BPMN 2.0
BPMN 2.0 workflows
BPMN 2.0 interface
Opportunity management
Change management
Representation of process paths
File bundling
Data and structures
Data analysis and visualization
Database fields
Database types
Data flow diagrams
Data formats
Data modeling
Data maintenance
Data protection
Data summaries
Diagram Editor
Dialog Design
Documentation of QM
Documentation and evidence management
Document workflow
Document classification
Probabilities of occurrence
Entity Relationship Modeling
event-driven process chain
Recording reasons
Reminder functions
ERM maturity levels, modeling
Events and control tasks
flowchart / flow diagram
Function tree
Function flow diagram
Hazard catalog
Business process simulation
Business process modeling
legal requirements and standards
Import of process data
Individual data fields
Individual additional fields
Information carrier diagram
Internal audit functions
internal errors
internal control systems
ISO standard management
IT diagrams
Calendar and appointment management
Key figures and key figure systems
Key figure simulations
Class diagrams
Classification standards
Competence and control functions
Control Specification
Control flow diagrams
Control plan
Control system
Corrective and preventive actions
Corrective actions
critical products
Lexicons, glossaries, dictionaries
Lot and intermediate inspection
Management and verification of reference persons
Measures export and import
Measures management
Measures status query
Measure tracking
Measures overview
Action tracking
Multi-user capability
Measuring equipment
Measurement protocols
Measured value display
Migration of tasks
Modeling environment
Modeling workflow
MS Excel interface
Sample management
norms and standards
Standards, catalogs and pipe classes
Object Modeling Technique
Integrate organizational structure
Organize & Arrange
Product Quality Planning
Process and QM portal
Process reporting
Process analysis
Process automation
Process descriptions
process reference of risks
Process data tracking
Process documentation
Process capability indices
Process hierarchies
Process intelligence
Process control
Process cost accounting
Process maps
Process management
Process modeling
Process optimization
Process optimization, numerical simulation
Process interface
Process control and key figures
Process templates
Process monitoring
Process tracking
Process visualization
Inspection reports
Inspection data acquisition
Test result display
Test results
Gauge management
Inspection plan versioning
Quality management
Quality assurance
Ranking of risks
Rights and role management
Audit-proof archiving
Risk and compliance management
Risk assessment
Risk cockpit
Risk catalogs with benchmarking
Risk categories
Risk control
Risk map
Risk management
Risk portfolios
Risk priority number rankings (RPN)
Risk control measures
Risk carrier diagram
Risk types
SAP interface
Semantic search
Simulation tools
Site manager
Statistical process control (SPC)
Strategy management
Structural changes
Structured Analysis (SA)
Search filter
Sub-process analysis
Top measures
Top risks
Trend analyses
Trend value analyses
Monitoring of workflows
UML diagrams
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Value Stream Mapping
Variant management
Dispatch of tasks
Versioning of processes
Visualization and Digitization
Full text search
Process management
Probability distributions
recurring risks
resubmission of risks
Knowledge databases
Knowledge documents
Knowledge management
Workflow Designer
Workflow management
XML interface
Time series analyses
Additional database fields
Target groups:

Process modeling also for your industry:

  • Automotive industry
  • Banks and insurances
  • Public administration
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Engineering & Telecommunications
  • Industry
  • Trade & Media
  • Healthcare
  • Services
  • and much more
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