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Axon Ivy - Process automation

Digital transformation through an automation platform
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Enterprise-wide process automation with Axon Ivy

Process designer and engine in one platform for convenient process automation from start to finish!

Automate, orchestrate and manage processes and workflows flawlessly and efficiently with Axon Ivy's Business Process Automation Platform. Model processes intuitively! Axon Ivy ensures integration with third-party systems and provides you with modern web interfaces for forms. Focus on your core business and benefit from convenient process automation.


  • Outstanding developer comfort
  • Intuitive modeling
  • Open architecture
  • BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Professional workflow management
  • Low-code functionality

The automation platform offers you, among other things:

  • modern front-end technologies
  • intelligent mobility
  • social collaboration
  • a business rule engine
  • adaptive case management
  • a modern runtime environment

With Axon Ivy you can design custom web forms and easily create reusable user interfaces for entering and viewing data. The user interfaces are designed for high-performance and business-critical applications, their logic is modeled with the same BPMN elements as your business processes. Even complex and multilingual forms can be built with ease. The platform includes a comprehensive set of predefined UI components.

Axon Ivy includes numerous features that ensure users can collaborate efficiently. Each collaboration is logged and linked to the corresponding case and task. Pool handling, delegation and resource planning are used to control all tasks and responsibilities. Integrated substitution and absence management is also available. The web dashboards can be customized to individual users, and unforeseen users can be integrated into the process work through side steps.

A Business Rule Engine is available to manage, maintain and execute business rules. Adaptive Case Management provides flexibility and the necessary overview for loosely coupled processes.

In addition, Axon Ivy includes a variety of functions that support integration with external systems. Standard connectors can be used immediately and comprehensive process integration with CRM, ERP or SCM systems as well as with stand-alone applications and legacy systems is possible.

By using RPA tools, processes can be implemented holistically with Axon Ivy even across missing APIs. Standard connectors for connecting all leading RPA vendors (e.g. UiPath, blueprism, Automation Anywhere or Nividous) are available.

SAP Business One
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft SharePoint
Export aller Daten nach PDF, HTML und MS Office
Anbindung Outlook
MS-Exchange Server 2007 SPI/2010/Office 365
Exchangeserver/Office365 Schnittstelle
Outlook / Exchange
Webservices REST/SOAP
Rest API
2D molecular structures in 3D
1:n reports
1D / 2D scatter plots
1D barcodes
2D and 3D construction
2D and 3D PDF files
2D barcode scaling
2D barcodes
2D representation
2D import
2D/3D views
360° panorama
3D traffic light factor
3D representation
3D molecule modeling
3D standard parts library
3D space curves
3D viewer
4-state barcodes
45A evaluations
8D report
ABC analyses
Waste management
Collection slips
Process visualization
Subscription functions
ABO invoices
Subscription shelf life statistics
Subscription products
Subscription renewal
Payroll data
Accounting functions
Accounting processes
Sales planning
sales plan management
Progress invoices
Depreciation methods
Depreciation rules
Graduate management
Reconciliation balances
Department-specific masks and processes
different business year
Variance analyses
Absence management
ACH payment processing
Ad hoc reports
Ad-hoc report
Address and contact lists
Address import
Change orders
Change documentation
Change logs
Deduction for wear and tear
Depreciation multi-year forecast
Aggregation and disaggregation
File processing
Promotion price intervals
Outpatient management
Traffic light system
Analysis and evaluation
Analysis and simulation
Analysis Center
Analysis results
Analysis functions
Analysis methods
Analysis methods
analytical calculation methods
Medical history
Cultivation plan
Crop planning
Requirements management
Requests from data subjects
Offers for employees
Quotation and order creation
Quotation prices
Fixed assets
Asset accounting
Asset printout and history
Plant management
Facility planning
Asset numbers
Asset management
Fixed asset movement schedule
Fixed assets
AnlBu-FiBu reconciliation #help
Cover letter, advertising
Contact person related data
Application management
Attendance management
Down payment management
API interfaces
Application Integration
Work order planning
Work order management
Work area management
Job descriptions
Occupational safety
Working materials management
Working time triggers
Working time processing
Working hours, absences
Working time recording
Working time calculation
Working time corrections
Working time models
Working time monitoring
Working time management
Archiving, paper documents, scanning
Article barcodes
Article hit and rivet lists
Article import interfaces
Article analysis
Item inventory prices
Item Capture
Article hit list
Medication management
Physician management
Asset management
Assortment Planning
Audit management
Retention periods
Task and competence carriers
Task generation
Task management
Task tracking
Circulation levels
impact analysis
Order and project times
Order status tracking
Order processing
Order acceptance and order booking
Order processing
order-related personnel time recording (PZE)
Order data
Order production list
Order grouping
Job cost accounting
Order management
Order positions
Order status
Order processing
Order tracking
Order distribution and tracking
Effort estimation
Application rate calculation
Output formats
Foreign travel, foreign currency
Lending Service
Alignment function
Scrap analyses
Outdoor space management
Exhibitor management
ID card
Autofax function
Automatic recognition (scanner)
automatic center surface meshing
automatic refinement
automatic analysis report
automated drop test
Automated import
Authoring tool
BAG accounting
Ballast table
Banquet Event
Cash payment
Barcode, RFID
Barcode functions
Barcode scanner
Barcode scaling
Barcode support
Barcode printing
Barcode recognition
Barcode generation
Barcode size
Barcode height
Process barcodes
Save barcodes
Barcodes series
Cash box
Basel II and III
Basic copy templates
Construction scheduling
Construction acceptance protocol
Assembly creation
Tree cadastre
Tree structures
Construction site management
Construction times
Construction time planning
Bayesian analysis
data aquisition
Processing of order production lists
processing history
Processing times
Requirement lists
User manuals
Threat code
Inspection reports
Review process
Container Management
Treatment planning
Document version management
Document archiving
Document entry
Document entry mask
Document layout
Document number
Document number assignment
Receipt reversal
Document separation
Document overviews
Occupancy calendar
Occupancy plan
Document processing
Document management
Lighting calculation
User and time stamp
User-defined database fields
User desktops
CAD geometry cleanup
Reports and evaluations
Report generator
Report generation
Report management
Consideration of data protection regulations
employment planning
Procurement controlling
Procurement workflow
Certification system
Acceleration loads
Staffing table
Stock and inventory lists
Inventory update
Inventory management
Stock lists
Order status
Assembly lists
Visitor management
Visitor statistics
operational key figures
operational improvement suggestions
operational administrative data
Operating instructions
Operating results
Operating calendar
Operating cost accounting
Resource management
Company audit
Bed management
Subgrade reaction modulus method
Transaction data
Movement profiles
Applicant data
Evaluation of risks
Assessment tools
Assessment forms
Evaluation catalogs
Resident survey
Payment functions
Payment options
Remuneration, one-time payments and bonuses
Library management
big data
Balance sheet
Balance sheet analysis
Imaging and radiography
Blended learning platform
Floor slabs
Receipt printing
Creditworthiness check
Bootstrap method
BPEL interface
BPMN 2.0
BPMN 2.0 workflows
BPMN 2.0 interface
industry-specific payroll accounting
Fire protection documentation
Break-even analyses
Stationery functions
Accounting and financial functions
Booking of working times
Booking archiving
Posting list
Posting masks
Posting texts
Posting transactions
Booking templates
Book value changes
Book values and reconciliation accounts
Budget planning
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Business Charts
Business Impact Analysis
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business function diagrams
BxA matrix
CAD and PDM interface
CAD data
CAD import
CAD interfaces
Cafeteria management
CAM interfaces
Cash management
Catering management
Opportunity management
Change Requests
Change management
Channel Management
Batch tracing
Chat and tickets
Check-in / check-out assistant
Checklist creation
chemical management
chemical notations
Chemical process simulation
chemical structural formulas and equations
chemical and thermodynamic properties
chemical and biological drawing
Claim management
Cluster analyses
Cockpit functions
Collaboration and project groups
Collaborative Demand Planning, SCM
Collaborative Planning
Colli management
Composite barcodes
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Conjoint analyses
Controlling functions
Cookie Consent
Core Banking
DAC 6 cases
Roof slopes, doors and windows
Loans, garnishment and certificates
Loan management
Display of personnel attendance overviews
Representation of process paths
Data warehouse
File bundling
File import
Data and structures
Data coding
Data analysis and visualization
Data exchange
Data analysis
Database interfaces
Database fields
Database types
Data export
Data fields for advertisements
Data flow diagrams
Data formats
Data storage
Data import
Data integration
Data categories
Data modeling
Data maintenance
Data interfaces
Data protection
Data protection impact assessment
Data protection management
Data synchronization
Data medium exchange procedure
Data summaries
Data merging
Datev export
Datev interfaces
Date annotation
Recurring entries
Recurring entries, company codes
Permanently open
Endurance testing
Cover sheet function
Contribution margins
Contribution margin analysis
Contribution margin accounting
Definition of assembly connections
Delegation functions
Deposit posting
Detailed guest and company file
DEÜV notifications
Diet calculation
Diagram Editor
Dialog Design
Dialog acquisition mask
Service cards
service provider directory
Duty rosters
Duty roster display
differential equations
Differential taxation
Digital Asset Management
digital construction file
Digital signage
Digital audit
Digital personnel file
Digitized business processes
DIN 276
DIN 66025 / ISO 6983
DIN formats
Overdraft facilities
Distance calculation
documentation of calculations
Documentation of QM
Documentation and manuals
Documentation and evidence management
Documentation systems
Document migration
Document workflow
Document input
Document graphics
Document control
Document stamp
Doppik functions
Double-entry balance sheet
Lecturer management
Turnstile function
Drill-down analysis
Print workflow
Print archive
Bundle print jobs
Printing separations
Printer driver
printer monitoring
Print function
Print functions Preview
Print templates
DSD / ARA accounting
DSGVO Documentation
Fertilizer requirement calculation
DXF and DWG import
Dynamic or Transient Response
Dynamic disposition
E-mail invoice dispatch
E-mail interfaces
E-Mail dispatch
Email resubmission
EAN label printing
Plane bar
Real-time evaluations
Real-time reports
Real-time recording
EDI converter
EDI Viewer
EFB forms
Effect avoidance
Return on equity and debt ratio
Owner portal
Cash inflows and outflows
One-Depot Tour Planning
input and output data
Input technologies
Input window
Incoming channels
Incoming invoice verification
Purchasing optimization
Shopping cart
Single line diagram
Income and expenditure history
Classification of cost types
Shift planning
Single-level overhead costing
One-day tours
Probabilities of occurrence
Single parts
electrical locking systems
Electronic patient record
Electronic payments
Element library
Emission monitoring
Employee Self Service
Energy management
Energy price analysis
Engagement tracking
bottleneck detection
Entity Life History
Entity Relationship Modeling
Decision trees
Decision tree analysis
Proof of disposal
Earth pressure
event-driven process chain
Incident management
Event logs
Recording reasons
Detection of curvatures
Performance analysis
Success controlling
Reminder and escalation functions
Reminder functions
Permission management
ERM maturity levels, modeling
ERP interfaces
Reimbursement prices glass insurers
Creation of service reports
Initial sample inspection report
Producer billing system
Escalation management
Escalation mechanisms
Label printing
ETL Processes
EU business transactions
surplus revenue statement
Euclidean geometry
Evacuation scenarios
Event ticketing
Event planning
Events and control tasks
Excel export
Excel import
Excel interface
Exception Management
Exploded view
Export employee master data
Export initial sample inspection report
Export formats
Export functions
Export interfaces
External parties
Eccentric beam loads
F15Z interface
Due date tracking
Driving library
Driver management
Car pooling
Timetable creation
Journey purpose templates
Travel log
Journey recording
Travel cost calculation
Journey purposes
Vehicle configurator
Vehicle location
Vehicle locations
Vehicle management
Case management
Color management
Color separation
Fax and voice messages
FE mesh creation
Feedback processes
Missing amount controls
Error analysis
Error description
Error tolerance
Absenteeism statistics
Holiday management
Detailed planning and control
Window construction system
Remote configuration
FiBu-KoRe integration #help
FiBu interfaces
File scan services
Branch accounting
Filtering and clipping
Financial reporting
Financial accounting
Financial accounting interfaces
Financial controlling
Financial and qualitative factors
Financing management
Financial ratios
Financial Management
Financial market statistics
Financial planning
Financial status
Fingerprint reader
Company credit cards
Fish tracking
Fixed booking
Area characteristics
surface contact
Space management
surface modeling
Land management
Fleet management
Fluctuation statistics
Industrial trucks
flowchart / flow diagram
FMEA data
FMEA worksheets
FMEA Forms
Subsidy and bank loans
Conveyor technology
Conveyor technology
Slide library
Fund management
Receivables management
Receivables cession
Form changes and post modeling
Formula collection
Form and document processing
Forms for customers
Form entries
Form generator
Form management
Form packages
Form dispatch
form templates
Training management
Progress Tracking
Photo documentation
Fourier analysis
Freight database
Freight cost calculation
Freight management
Freight price calculation
Freight check
Freight summary
Volunteer management
Time off accounts
Foreign currencies
Foreign currency cash payment
Frequency domain calculations
frequency response
Deadline management
Deadline monitoring
Front views
Early warning functions
Early warning functions Key figures
Early warning indicators
Driver's license check
Management cockpit
Fleet management
Functional tender building construction
Function tree
Function flow diagram
GAEB tenders
Guest cards
Guest management
game based learning
Gantt charts
Warranty processing
gastronomy cash registers
GDA values calculation
GDS/OTA Integration
Facility management
Building planning
building technology
Container accounting
Bid management
Fee management
Hazard catalog
Hazardous material management
Salary statements
Overhead cost planning
Approval workflow
Geo routing
Geodata import
Geographical display
Device and master data grouping
Device management
Device testing
Device relocations
Overall documentation
Annual reports
Business process simulation
Business process modeling
Business distribution plan
legal requirements and standards
Call guide
Health and fitness courses
Health offers
Health budgets
Health metrics
separate evaluation
Warranty date
Warranty management
Warranty monitoring
Trade tax
Weight calculator
Weighting functions
Gibbs sampling
GIS interfaces
Glass price lists
Similar assets
equation-based modeling
Google Maps integration
Graves administration
Graphics in documents
Graphic formats
Graphic import/export
Graphical editing
Graphical disposition
Graphical resource planning
Graphical visualizations
graphs and tables
Graph layout
Committee management
Limit value management
Size matrix
Foundation engineering
Floor plan creation
Group wizard
Group booking rates
Group concept
Group Reservation
Grouping of cost centers
Grouping of cost elements
Expertise management
Voucher function
Credit notes
H-load distribution
Frequency distributions
General ledger
Budget management
Budget information
budget planning
Budget monitoring lists
Auxiliary means management
HIPAA Compliant
Extrapolation procedure
Projection comparison
Timber construction
Total wood volume
Timber list
HR Management
Mortgage management
iCalendar support
Idea competitions
Idea evaluation
Idea input
Idea management
Idea management process
Idea prioritization
IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals)
IFC interface
IFRS Project Valuation
Import and export times
Real estate management
Immunization management
Import of bank statements
Import of documents
Import of process data
Import formats
Import functions
Import interfaces for bills of quantities
Incentive and reward system
Individual data fields
Individual additional fields
Industry standards
Information management
Information carrier diagram
Information type analysis
Collection management
Domestic and international travel
Internal communication
internal activity allocation
Internal interfaces
Innovation processes
Inspection management
Installation plans
Installation planning and load calculation
Integration of the control level
Integration of office systems
Integration Management
Integrated asset accounting
Interaction with beams
Weighing of interests
Internal audit functions
internal errors
internal control systems
Intrastat reporting
Inventory data collection
Inventory history
Inventory display
Inventory stickers
Inventory evaluation
Inventory data
Inventory label printing
Inventory functions
Inventory lists
Inventory changes
Inventory function aids
Investment planning
Investment Banking
Investment tracking
ISO standard management
Isometry creation
Actual stock entry
Actual stock transfer
actual cost and planned cost methods
IT diagrams
IT documentation and IT visualization
ITSG certification
ITSG procedure
Annual financial statement preparation
annual overviews
Cable calculation
Cable plan creation
Cable route planning
Calendar and appointment management
Calendar functions
Calibration dates
Calculation of cost prices
Costing for single and serial producers
Calculation of planned costs
Calculations and simulations
Calculation functions
Costing templates and overhead rates
Imputed costs
Calculation of production costs
cameralistic accounting
Campaign Visualization
Campaign management
Kanban Board
Capacity evaluations
Capacity planning
Capital requirements analysis
Cash flow statement
Kardex interface
Map printing
Map navigation
Ticket sales
Cash and bank books
Cashier financial reports
Cash evaluation
Cash register reports
Receipt parking function
Receipt processing
Cash book
Cash book closing
Cash audit log
Cash register software
Cash balance
Cash audit
Cashier hit list
Catalog exchange formats
Category list
commercial device data
Deposit management
Key figures and key figure systems
Key figure reports
Key figure simulations
Vehicle cost centers
Mileage accounting
Class diagrams
Class scheduling
Classification and prediction
Classification, assortments
classification and regression trees
Classification standards
Air-conditioning technology
Combination subscriptions
Combination checks
combinatorial problems
Communication tools
Compensator calculations
Competence and control functions
Component monitoring
Configuration Wizard
Conjugate heat flow
Construction aids
account and cost center allocation
Chart of accounts
Chart of accounts
Account management
Account statements
Control Specification
Control flow diagrams
Control plan
Control system
Convergent billing
Converter management
Corrective and preventive actions
Corrective actions
Correlation analyses
Correlation matrix
Costs and services
Cost and revenue lists
cost and activity accounting
cost and quantity distribution
Cost and budget control
Cost analysis and budget control
Cost types, cost centers and cost objects
Cost type, cost center and cost unit accounting
Cost recording
Cost determination
Cost management
Cost accounting
Cost estimation
Cost centers
Cost center and cost unit consolidation
Cost center variances
Cost center evaluations
Cost center allocation
Cost unit accounting
Cost unit management
Cost overviews
Cost allocations
cost tracking
Cost allocation
Cost allocation
Cost estimates
analyses of covariance
Fuel management
Health insurance contribution rate file
Health insurance management
Sick leave tracking
Credit card processing
Credit card import
Credit card management
Credit card payment
Credit limit management
Credit-side incoming invoices
Loan origination management
Crematorium administration
critical suppliers
critical products
KTL evaluation
Kitchen management
Cancellation rates
Customer and item data
Customer and consumer behavior
Customer and sales data analysis
Customer accounts
Customer evaluations
Customer related receipt
Customer service history
Customer display
Customer history
Customer ideas
Customer cards
Customer portal
Customer complaint
Custom branding
Customer statistics
Course Tracking
Course evaluations
Course booking
Course data import
Offer courses online
Course favorites
Course statistics
Course participant and learning statistics
Course dates
Course management
Laboratory information management system
Laboratory instruments
Laboratory management
laboratory notebook
Load movements
Load space optimization
Loading point management
Management reports
Storage location management
Requirement and functional specification
Load definition
Load combination
Load optimization
Walkways and transport routes
scrolling texts
Terms and validity periods
LDAP connection
Leasing and planned assets
Lease management
Live cattle accounting
Resume analysis
Food / nutrition management
Vacancy management
Legacy administration
Performance analysis
Performance appraisals and target agreements
Certificates of achievement
Service specifications
PCB routing
Pipe production
learning community
Learning modules
Learning communities
Learning content management
Learning material management
Learning Paths
Learning steps
Learning sequences
Reader management
Supplier access
Vendor accounting
Supplier audits
Supplier evaluation
Supplier dashboards
Supplier questionnaires
Supplier qualification
Supply chain
Delivery bills
Delivery note creation
Berth management
Lifecycle History
linear statics
linear buckling
liquidity analysis
Liquidity ratios
Liquidity planning
Liquidity overview
Liquidity development
Lista interfaces
list printing
License management
Truck attributes
Deletion classes
Deletion rules
Logistics network
Process wage types
Lot and intermediate inspection
Lot formation
Lost & Found
LV according to GAEB standard
MAB data acquisition
Dunning processing
Mailing lists
Management Cockpit
Management and verification of reference persons
Management evaluations
Multi-client capability
Client concept
Mandate analysis
Manual route change
Mapped mesher
Market price tracking
Machine documentation
Machine management
machine inspections
Mass determination
Mass import client
Action and project plan
Measures export and import
Measures management
Measure tracking
Measures overview
Action tracking
Material requirements planning
Material cost planning
Material cost overviews
mathematical notations
matrix calculus
Masonry construction
Toll calculation
Mean Time Between Failures, MTBF
Mean Time Between Maintenance, MTBM
Mean Time To Repair, MTTR
Media DIN EN 13779
Medication management
Medical billing
Multi-user capability
Multiple locations, branches, sales areas
Multiple Currencies
Multiple cuts
Multiple use of text modules
Multilingual document output
Multi-level overhead costing
Multi-day bookings
Multiday tours
VAT rate
Registration system
Reporting to employers' liability insurance associations
Membrane stress
Quantity determination
Menu printing
Menu planning
Characteristics and key figures
Measurement data
Measurement data acquisition
Measuring equipment
Measurement protocols
Measurement point management
Particle count measurement
Measured value display
Import of measured values
Metadata Management
Metal quotations
Method management
Metropolis algorithm
Best before date management
Middleware (MOM)
Tenant management
Rent management
Migration of addresses
Migration of tasks
Migration of calendars
MiLoG-compliant output
Minimum working time and daily target
Mini subscriptions
Employee and vehicle assignment
Employee file
Employee badges
Employee information platform
Employee capacities
Employee profiles
Employee surveys
Employee management
Member administration
Mean values
Mobile working time recording
Mobile data collection
Mobile service invoicing
Mobile time recording
Mobile asset and inventory management
Mobile receipt printing
Mobile learning
Mobile scanner
Modeling environment
Modeling workflow
Moderation mode
Module size
Module Structure
molecular measurement
Molar mass calculation
monthly closing
Monthly tickets
Monthly and annual passes
monitoring functions
Assembly processing
Assembly management
Monte Carlo simulation
MS Exchange interface
MS Excel interface
MS Office integration
Multichannel functionality
multidimensional sales planning
Multiple campaigns
Multiple diaries
Multi-project controlling
Sample assessments
Sample contracts
Sample management
Demand forecasting
Supplement management
NC / CNC - connection
Subledger accounting
Net-gross calculation
Network plan
Network plans
Network statistics and reporting
New and old acquisitions
norms and standards
Standards, catalogs and pipe classes
Standards compliance
Standard parts libraries
numerical calculation methods
User authentication
Usage and Availability
Interface customization
Object Modeling Technique
Object Request Broker (ORB)
Object management
OEE Dashboard
Econometric and statistical analyses
Open item management
Open item postings
Offline time recording
Offshore Management
OFTP2 support
Online performance monitoring
Online subscription functions
Online banking
Online ordering
Online booking functions
Online Check-In
Online banking
OO System Analysis
replicating folders
Organization chart
Integrate organizational structure
Organize & Arrange
Tracking and graphical resource planning
Output file formats
Pace revenue reports
Package creation
Pallet exchange
Parallel coordinates
Parallel accounting
Parameterizable inspection characteristics
Pareto analysis
Parking lot monitoring
Password protection
Password management
Break detection
Break times
payment systems
PCB and printed circuit board design
PDF Creation Printer
PDF generation
Performance Management
Performance trends
Periodization of subplans
Permutation test
personnel requirements
Personnel controlling
Personnel data management
Personnel resource planning (PRP)
Personnel development
Personnel development planning
Personnel key figures
personnel communication
Personnel cost planning
Personnel cost centers
Personnel management
Personnel planning
personnel master data
Personnel time recording
paging system
Garnishments and loans
garnishments, loans, pension schemes
Deposit accounting
Plant lexicon
Plant lists
Plant management
Planting wage positions
Care planning
Care management
Physical calculations
physical notations
Physical monitoring
Pivot tables and pivot diagrams
Planned balance sheets
Planned prices, planned quantities
Planning and simulation
Planning and control settlements
Planning sections
Planning aids
Planning calendar
Planning documents
Planning variants and perspectives
Planning periods
Plan variants
Plan dispatch
Plausibility checks
Plausibility check
Plot jobs
PMS interface
Pneumatic circuit diagrams
Point-of-care testing
Portfolio management
Postage optimization
Positioning of the drawing
Position and distribution lists
Inbox processing
PPF form
PPF/ PPAP inspection report templates
PPS function integration
Predictive analytics
Predictive Modeling
Award process
Practice management
Pre- and post-processing
Price list and currency wizards
Price tag printing
Private share calculation
Private liquidation
Trial subscriptions
Sample management
Problem analysis
Problem management
Product recall management
Production status
Product costing
Product Quality Planning
Product range analysis
Profile comparisons
Pro forma invoices and credit notes
Forecasting and planning
forecast result
Project workflow
Project acquisition
Project evaluations
project related ticket systems
Project-related vacation planning
Project budgeting
Project controlling
Project data acquisition
Project invoicing
Project costing
Project key figures
Project cost centers
Project Management
Project planning
Project forecasts
Project statistics
Project templates
Project time recording
log files
Protocols MQTT and HTTP
Logging of telephone calls
Process and form design
Process and QM portal
Process reporting
Process analysis
Process automation
Process descriptions
process reference of risks
Process data tracking
Process documentation
Process capability indices
Process hierarchies
Process intelligence
Process control
Process costs of the cost centers
Process cost accounting
Process maps
Process management
Process modeling
Process optimization
Process optimization, numerical simulation
Process interface
Process control and key figures
Process templates
Process monitoring
Process tracking
Process visualization
Inspection relocation
Inspection order management
Test automates
Inspection reports
Inspection data acquisition
Test result display
Test results
Gauge management
Inspection equipment monitoring
Inspection plans
Test badges
Inspection plan versioning
Check routines, minimum staffing
Inspection severity
Inspection stamp
Testing methods
Check digit calculation
PST files
Pulse capture
point, line and area loads
Point motions
QDX interface
Qualification requirements
Qualification profiles
Quality control
Quality management
Quality assurance
Receipt printing
Quiz and survey editor
Blanket orders
Frame tours
Ranking of risks
Raster graphics as PDF
Rate management
Smoking break problem
Room book
Room guidance system
Room management
raw RAW
Recall management
Create invoices directly
Invoices in PDF format
Invoices and delivery notes
Invoice receipt book
Invoice export
Outgoing invoice book
Invoice printing
Invoice items
Invoice verification
Invoice processing
Regular shifts
Registration Management
Regressions or equalization calculations
Regression analysis
Tire storage
Travel and route planning
Trip and journey templates
Travel requests, approvals
Travel expenses
Travel expense flat rates
Travel Management
Travel plans
Complaints and errors
Complaint Management
Relay cards
Remote Procedure Call
Remote access
Profitability planning
Repair, cost estimate
Repair order
Reporting functions
Reservation confirmation
Reservation plan
Reservation management
Resource Management
Resource overview
resource monitoring
Remaining vacation
Revenue Management
Review management
Prescription management
RFID label printing
Guideline management
Risk and compliance management
Risk analysis
Risk assessment
Risk cockpit
Risk catalogs with benchmarking
Risk categories
Risk control
Risk map
Risk management
Risk portfolios
Risk priority number rankings (RPN)
Risk control measures
Risk carrier diagram
Risk types
Gross profit
Pipe classes
Pipe lengths
Piping design
Piping design
Piping isometrics
Piping planning
Role-based reporting
Rolling Planning
Room Report
Room Service
Route and isochrones
Route display
Route optimization
Route planning
Recovery rates
Service call confirmations
Backorder lists
Reinsurance management
On-call and stand-by duties
Round trip optimizations, heuristics
late fee calculation
Seasonal periods
Balance carried forward
Collective editing
Collective invoices
Scan client
Damage management
Shell thickener
Sound database
Circuit diagram creation
Switch cabinet and machine views
Circuit diagrams and schematics
Shadow book
Check deposit entry
Shift staffing
Shift models
Shift histories and production reports
Shift change
Slaughter cattle accounting
Beat index
Locking plan
Key & Lock Management
Final invoices
Snapshot function
Snow load determination
Fast entry mask
Section creation
Cut functions
Financial accounting interface
Interface for printers
Interfaces to operational data
Interfaces to accounting
Interface measuring machines
Barrier function
bolted joints
Student administration
Training certificates
Weld seam documentation
Welding gaps
Heavyweight wall
Center of gravity positions
Vibration shapes
Vibration measurement
SCORM compliance
Screen Capture
Sea freight
Sea charts
self-learning database
Self-learning function
Self Sorting List
Seminar planning, seminar catalogs
Mail processing
Sequence analysis
Series account assignment
Serial number management
Serial appointments
Service field service
Service calls
Service requests
Service orders
Service report
Service reservations
Security retention
Safety labels
Security Management
Signal analysis
Signal sequences
Signal statistics
Simulations of circuits
Six Sigma
Scaling according to Kruskal
Skip-lot procedure
Discounts and interest on arrears
Cash discount
SOAP notes
Social media calendar
social media channels
Software integration
Target/actual comparisons
Debit/actual posting
Debit/credit posting entry
Target scheduling
Special charges
Special measurements
Special items
Social security notifications DAKOTA procedure
Social security notifications procedure
Stress calculation
Division management or category management
Memory management
Donation management
Locking of form fields
Blocking of individual time models
Special cases
Split postings
Sponsor management
Sprinkler planning
Stability failure
Stage gate processes
Steel construction
Reinforced concrete construction
Master data catalogs
Standard evaluations
Standard entry documents
Standard catalogs
Standard interfaces
Site manager
Location tracking
Stacking interfaces (Bufü)
Batch processing
Start of processes
static/steady state calculations
Statics calculation
Ward management
static fatigue
Statistical functions
Statistical Analysis
statistical calculations
statistical cost planning
Statistical process control (SPC)
statistical methods
Status Reporting
Status monitoring
Job descriptions
Job planning
Yard Management
stereochemical and electronic calculations
Sterile goods management
Tax and commercial balance sheet
Tax consultant interface
Tax return
Quotation price control
Cash drawer control
Sampling system
Downtime Pareto analysis
Downtime detection
Fault management
Malfunction log
Reversal functions
Reverse postings
Cancellation rates
Strategy management
strategic controlling
Strategy map creation
Route evaluation
Route optimization
Flow and strength analyses
Current, voltage and resistance measurement
Current carrying capacity
Circuits and systems
Circuit and circuit diagrams
structural and molecular chains
Structure derivation
Structural changes
structural cleanup
Structural elements
Structured Analysis (SA)
Structured Design (SD)
Structure plan
Student Management
Student Portal
Bill of material explosion
Parts list management
Column sinking
incremental contribution margin accounting
Timetable management
Subcontractor Management
Search query reports
Totals and balances
Support project management
Symbol libraries
Symbols and special characters
Synchronization functions
SysML diagrams
System changes
System integration
System context diagrams
Scenario comparison
Scenario planning
Activity planning
Daily and interim closing
Daily closing
Conference event
Fuel log
Tariff classification
Technician management
Technical documentation
Technical documents, standards
Technical and organizational measures
Certificates of attendance
Attendee management
Sub-process analysis
Partial strands
Substructure analyses, filter functions
Part-time or multiple employment
Partial acquisitions and partial retirements
Phone cost estimation
Telephone billing
Telephone formats
Phone number protocols
Phone logs
Temperature loads
Deadline and time limit monitoring
Date-related price changes
Appointment calendar
Deadline overview
Appointment printing
Test and quiz functions
Test items
Test questions
Test panels
Tetrahedral refiner
Text Reporting
Text modules
Text Recognition (OCR)
Text recognition results
Topic portals
Topic connection
topic tracking
Ticket creation
Ticket lifecycle
Ticket Distribution
Ticket processing
Ticket system
Tin Can & SCORM
Table planning
Title Lot Outline
To-do lists
Top-down or bottom-up procedure
Top measures
Top risks
Tour optimization
Route planning
Structural design
Training management
Transaction monitoring
Transaction history
Transaction standards
Transaction processing
Transportation Management
Transportation management
Path model functions
Trend analyses
Trend value analyses
Trigger conditions
Survival analysis
Overmeasurement function
Monitoring of workflows
Exercise leader management
Reverse geocoding
UML diagrams
Apportionment definition
Allocation key
Sales analyses, ABC analyses
Sales hit lists
Sales lists
Sales planning
Sales statistics
Sales tax ID
Sales taxes
advance sales tax returns
Sales comparisons
Changeover from cameralistics to double-entry accounting
Unformatted notes
Business valuation
Intra-company dunning
Enterprise management
Corporate planning
Corporate planning and controlling
Company structure display
Corporate structures
Signature lists
Instruction slides
Instruction history
Instruction management
Instruction dates
Instruction topics
Update and roll-out planning
Calculation of vacation entitlement
Vacation entitlements
Leave requests and approvals
Vacation group administration
Vacation management
vacation days and absences
Vacation overviews
US-Gaap project assessment
Vacancy schedule
Validity checks
Value Stream Mapping
Variable support
Variant construction
VDA 4905 (delivery call-off)
VDI 3805 manufacturer data
vector analysis
Vector graphics as PDF
Event information
Event calendar
Event Management
Processing travel expenses
Suggestions for improvement
Consumption accounting
Expiration date
Deformation and vibration calculations
Deformation plots
Availability display
Availability calendar
Contract file
comparative statistics
Seller hit list
Seller identification
Sales and purchasing documents
Sales area management
Sales statistics
Linked data management
Loading area management
Relocation plan
leasing periods
allocation of internal activities
Clearing account
Shipping costs
Shipping costs accounting
Move operations
Various accounting methods
different printing systems
different types of accommodation
Insurance data
Insurance lists
Insurance management
Versioning of processes
Supply management
experimental designs
Distribution of key figures
Distribution of reports
Distribution values
Contract and certificate assistant
Contract approval workflow
Contract controlling
Representative accounting
Agent rules
Sales controlling
Sales call planning
Sales employee management
Duplication assistant
Manager accounting
Management of attendance events
Administration processes
Where-used list
Directory of processing activities
Directory comparison
Video conferencing
Video surveillance
Four-eyes principle
Viewer for external data
Viewing copy
VIN query
virtual walk-through
Virtual group work
Virtual classroom
Visualization and Digitization
Visualization of loss causes
Visualization of process data
Visualization functions
Visualization tools
VOB DIN 18379
Full and marginal costs
Full disposals
Completeness and consistency
Completeness control
Enforcement management
solid modeling
Pre- and post-calculation
Preprints and version management
Process history
Process object model
Process management
Procedure strategies
Process models
Procedure Models Project Management
predictions and model simulation
previous year view
Template management
preview and duplex printing
Input tax statement
Guard book
Guard tour
Weighing data management
Currency conversion
Heat calculation
heat transfer
Probability functions
Probability analysis
Probability distributions
Goods accompanying document
Cost of sales planning
Merchandise group hit list
Shopping cart analysis
Merchandise reimbursement
Commodity futures
Warning messages
Warning thresholds
Warnings for planning inconsistencies
Waiting list management
Waiting room
What-if scenarios
Web to print
Web client for printing
WEG management
Pasture units
Pasture diary
Wellness program
Workshop accounting
Plant overview
Competitive Analysis
Weather data query
weather charts
What-if analyses
Replacement index
Replacement values
Recurring documents
Recurring postings
recurring invoices
recurring risks
Recurring payments
Reuse of constructions
Resubmission of documents
resubmission of risks
Wind and snow loads
Wind load determination
Effectiveness check
Area of action creation
Housing management
Workflow Designer
Workflow management
Workflow optimization
Workflow status
Wound documentation
Sausage costing
Yard Management
Meter management
Count list printing
Payment methods
Incoming payments
Payment entry
Payment methods
Payment processes
payment procedure
Payment transactions
Payment suggestion lists
Incoming payments
Payment targets, installment payments
Time and work plans
Time bookings
Time data, time series, calendar
Time recording
Time recording interfaces
Time recording systems
Scheduled workflows
Time models, time accounts
Time planning
Time series analyses
Periodicals management
Timing options
Time history calculations
Central documentation
Cutting calculation
Certificate Management
Target and task tracking
Target definition
Target diagrams
Target management
Target agreements, employee appraisals
Room booking
Interest and amortization
Zone monitoring
Zone management
Accessories acquisition
Random generator
Random check routines
Acquisition lists, retirement lists
Admission management
Additional database fields
Surcharge calculation
Access bookings
Access control
Access attempts
Donation receipts
Second currencies
Cycle counting
"on the fly" changes
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