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Company-wide data collection, replacement of Excel applications, BI report commenting

Apparo Fast Edit

Company-wide data collection, replacement of Excel applications, BI report commenting

Version:  3.2

Demo version

Apparo Fast Edit is a web-based standard software for data entry & data management with flexible workflow components and a powerful Excel interface.

  • Company-wide web-based mapping of work processes, document management, access to relational databases and master data maintenance.
  • Optional integration into your existing reporting system (BI)
  • Apparo Fast Edit uses the security system, the web portal and the look & feel of your BI system, but also works as a standalone version.
  • The standalone version optionally has its own web portal with login.
  • The business cases / masks can also be integrated into already existing systems via URL call.
  • Excel data import from files or with copy & paste

Import large amounts of data from Excel, directly into any relational database & immediately analyzable

  • Administration of your master data
  • Commenting of reports incl. saving, logic components
  • Input of planning data and immediate evaluation - without training effort
  • Excel interface - simply import data from Excel with copy & paste

Application areas

  • Data maintenance, for example master data, mail distribution lists
  • Manual input of: Plan data, key figures, facts, individual data
  • Import of large data volumes directly from Excel incl. quality assurance + security
  • Comments on controlling reports (report versions)
  • Enter planning data and evaluate it immediately
  • Check data quality and correct incorrect entries
  • Maintain keys / codes (assignment lists in DWH, SAP or external systems)

Data entry workflows

  • Create complex and flexible workflows easily with email notifications, Excel data import, auditing and security.

Email notifications

Your users can be informed by e-mail about freely definable actions (e.g. status change of a workflow, user changes data etc.). These emails can contain file attachments or also continuative URL links (everything calculable). This allows the user to re-integrate into the workflow with a simple mouse click - without tedious filter settings.

With Apparo Fast Edit you do not need any additional applications for data management

  • Apparo Fast Edit is completely web-based and optional in BI systems
    such as IBM Cognos, QlikView and Qlik Sense
  • no installation on the client computers - you can start immediately!
  • Excel files can be imported to help you collect data faster and avoid typing errors

Integrates with Qlik and IBM Cognos

  • Comments can be stored in any database table, can also be called up outside the BI system
  • Make decisions and prioritizations based on reports
  • Change data, such as key figures, directly in the report
  • Creating applications, e.g. workflows, as a combination of BI (data output) and Apparo Fast Edit (data input)
  • Seamlessly integrated, uses the existing BI security system, applications can be embedded in reports, triggering of 'silent actions' (calling scripts, programs, DB functions and procedures), and much more

With Apparo Fast Edit:

  • Even business departments can now create simple applications
  • Easy to use, no programming knowledge necessary
  • Power users can define application logic with SQL and Javascript

Your data is safe

  • Apparo Fast Edit users can only access predefined database tables
  • Apparo Fast Edit uses Active Directory / LDAP as security source

Your new data are checked

  • Each input field (widget) accepts only valid data (validity interval, regular expressions, user exit Java classes)

Apparo Fast Edit is your Excel interface to your data warehouse / relational DB

  • Users can use copy & paste to import data directly from Excel into Apparo Fast Edit.
  • This can also be 100,000 Excel lines - including quality assurance
  • Apparo Fast Edit can automatically and regularly import Excel files on the server side.
  • Simply place Excel files in a defined file directory, and Apparo Fast Edit will take care of the rest.
  • Flexible export of data to CSV or XLS/XLSX format possible

Apparo Fast Edit can be integrated into your existing IT environment

  • Script control for export/import of mandates/masks into other environments
  • Active Directory as a security source can be easily used
  • SMTP/POP3 email server support
  • Masks from Apparo Fast Edit can be integrated into existing portals via URL call
  • Access to your existing relational databases or in the cloud
  • Logic can be freely defined by Javascript (server-side) or SQL. e.g. export of data and sending by e-mail
  • Calling database procedures or batch files (server-side)

Flexible output

  • Table output
  • Single record view
  • Support of master / detail relationships
  • Security-based output / readonly / hiding of widgets, i.e. depending on the user group data is output or not
  • Defining default values, constants via SQL or Javascript
  • Output of data hierarchies

Apparo Fast Edit is divided into three components:

  • Business Cases (Frontend) - all web-based
  • Designer (Backend) - all web based
  • Databases with your user data and for the Apparo repository

The Apparo Repository is a freely definable database schema with about 50 database tables. These tables contain all settings and application definitions and can be integrated into an already existing relational


  • Daimler
  • DHL
  • Commerzbank
  • Raiffeisenbank International
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Salzburger Landesregierung
  • Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich
  • Fiducia GAD

 More than 200 production systems worldwide.

Contact information:
+49 (0) 531 389 187 65
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Functions (excerpt) of Apparo Fast Edit:

Analysis functions
Report management
Database interfaces
Data extraction
Data integration
Data operations
Data backup
Data synchronization


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Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
* Windows Server 2008-2019 (64 Bit) * SUSE Linux 64 Bit, IBM Red Hat Linux 64 bit * Clients: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS * Webbrowser: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari