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ADD*ONE Inventory Optimizer

ADD*ONE Inventory Optimization (Forecasting, Planning, Stock Control)
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Optimized inventory management - your strategic success factor

Efficient materials or merchandise management must ensure the required, very high service level in combination with a stock situation at optimal cost and a minimum planning effort. Lately, these demands exceed the capabilities of conventional forecast and planning functionalities in ERP systems.

An add-on system for planning and procurement offers advantages exactly at the point where the functionalities of ERP systems reach their limits. The visualization of data is mandatory for efficient and sustainable processes, in order to quickly identify any urgent need for action. Moreover, the warehouse stock should always be kept as low as possible and, at the same time, as high as necessary - this objective is reached by intelligent algorithms.

ADD*ONE Inventory Optimizer is based on the latest technology, and thus offers many advantages such as:

  • Intelligent Demand Forecast
  • possibilities for automation in the planning
  • purchase orders at optimal cost
  • extensive simulation options
  • effective controlling
  • powerful visualization for intuitive workflows

ADD*ONE establishes an enormous potential to reduce costs:

  • up to 40% of stock reduction of,
  • service level approaching 100%,
  • planning effort reduced by up to 50%.

The add-on solution, which has been certified with the BMEnet seal of quality, can be used across all sectors of trade and industry, and it adapts smoothly to any enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Whether you use SAP, Microsoft Navision, AX or any other ERP system, sophisticated connectors provide a standardized and automatic data transfer with minimal implementation effort.

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Inventory monitoring
Inventory management
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Target groups:
  • food and beverage industry
  • producers of fastening systems
  • wholesale, especially technology wholesale
  • companies with spare parts management
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