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The OneOffixx template management software is a product of the PrimeSoft Group with locations in Germany and Switzerland. Our company PrimeDocs GmbH is happy to assist German, Austrian and international clients.

It is our mission to facilitate the use of even complex Microsoft Office applications. Our clients benefit from reduced costs and higher efficiency levels. OneOffixx ensures that your corporate identity is correctly displayed on documents and in email signatures. Furthermore, professional eMarketing campaigns are easily executed in different languages.

OneOffixx is targeted to all private and public enterprises as well as organizations that do not want to waste time on the creation of documents, maintenance of templates and distributing the correct corporate designs.

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OneOffixx - Your Ideal Template Mangement System
PrimeDocs GmbH
Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1
DE - 80992 München
Herr Martin Vogt
+49 89 215 410 60
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