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Innovative 3D construction

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With VPACK ®, cutting edges can be created automatically by overlapping e.g your customer's product and the package you just created. As a result, the package fits exaclty to the product, even though you have never touched the original product.

The integrated generation of AVI and VRML files facilitates the production of compressed sequences of moving pictures, which enable the user to simulate a short film containing e.g. a display assembly, the folding of a packaging or the filling of cartons with the customer's product.

With the new integrated assembly group construction, all component parts of one packaging construction, e.g. of a display, can be processed at one time As a group in 2D or 3D. All parts are automatically saved As a group. As a result, the files can directly be used for parts list editing.

VPACK ® provides all data needed for an efficient workflow in the package industry, e. g. data for prototyping, small-series production, die making and quality assurance As well as data for sales, enterprise resource planning systems or databases.


Practical example: Virtual 3D Packaging with VPACK ®

The company Werner Gaster KG from Heidelberg, ERPA customer since years, won the German Packaging Design Price 2004 with VPACK ®. Gaster prevailed over its competitors in the category of transportation packages. The company designed a package that enables the safe transportation of headlights for the automotive manufacturer DaimlerChrysler. This transportation package had been designed with ERPA's 3D CAD CAM software VPACK ®. 

"The innovative technique of VPACK ® with its automatic creation of cutting edges was the reason for the outstanding design of the transportation package", underlined the honorific speach. The package designer never saw or touched the original headlight.

In the automotive industry automobile components are wrapped without the encountering of package and component. VPACK ® needs only 3D data information to design an efficient and save package. Without time delay because of coordination or prototype development the packaging production can start. Supply chain logistics are thus speeded up.

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