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TimO project management, time tracking, capacity manag. and controling

Project planning, project steering, project controlling, time management - 100% web based

Version:  04.04.00

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Time Management Office® is a network-, internet- und intranet based software for project planning, project controlling, project monitoring, resource management, capacity planning, expense planning, project expense management, process optimisation and time sheet.

Additionally Time Management Office can be used for order- and service related time and cost management.

Time Management Office can be parameterised to disable unnecessary functions. (As extensive As necessary!)

Many applications in this sector come with a variety of useful functions, but how many of MS-Word’s functions do you really use? 30 - 50 % - and that is the problem of oversized applications.

Current surveys prove, that 20% of all projects fail.
Tools like MS-Project are too oversized and your project teams are not able to record their actual data.

What is the effect?
Recording of working times is done using Excel sheets, calendars, or small tinkered programs. A consistent design is missing, all recorded data has to be computed and edited. Miscalculations happen daily.

If a customer wants to know the state of a project. All project related data has to be processed and evaluated.
(This is extensive and expensive)

What is the effect on your project:

  • The project manager is overloaded and does not react in time! 
  • Deadlines are exceeded! 
  • Employees/Customers become dissatisfied! 
  • The whole project is at risk!

What can Time Management Office accomplish?

  • Planning of projects, subprojects and tasks 
  • Individual, customer specific project structure 
  • Detailed report on employees capacities 
  • Declaration of time- and cost budgets for projects, subprojects and tasks 
  • Discovering plan/actual variations at an early stage 
  • Capacity management for the whole company or single projects 
  • Gantt-charts As well As status overviews
  • Automated project monitoring 
  • Forecasts for the different parts of a project
  • Extensive administration of roles and project rights 
  • Complete time recording for projects and tasks (read, write, expand, delete etc.) 
  • Calculation of labour costs, additional costs, profits, interest margins, and available budgets 
  • Periodic accounting of project costs 
  • Time recording for multiple tasks per day 
  • Travel cost recording for international travels 
  • Automated As well As company specific travel cost rates 
  • Subsequent rebooking/editing/deleting 
  • Accounting of a single task/order to different customers 
  • Recording of holidays, illness As well As flexible work time
  • Export of all reports using desired formats 
  • Evaluation of all relevant data in various combinations with one single click "Proficiency certificates"
  • Administration of internal and external projects and tasks 
  • Prioritisation of all tasks in a list 
  • Employees target/actual times (overtimes)

Using Time Management Office spares your employees to record their working times on Excel sheets, calendars or handbills and offers them a detailed overview of their hours worked.


  • Global use due to internet/intranet capabilities
  • No client installation necessary 
  • Minimisation of operating costs due to centralised administration 
  • Applicable for all industries and enterprise sizes because of unlimited flexibility 
  • Easy to learn
  • Extensive online help! 
  • Short incorporation time! 
  • Clearly arranged dialogs! 
  • Widely accepted because It is restricted to the essentials


Cloud (application service providing)
Time Management Office can be used on our servers. We provide installation, configuration, As well As updates and backups. You pay monthly fees depending on the number of employees that record their times. Project managers and administrators are free of charge. It can be used from any browser capable of javascript (e.g. Internet Explorer 5.5, Netscape 7.0, Mozilla 1.3 or higher) via internet. Additionally a free hotline for all users is included.

You can buy Time Management Office licenses and install the application on your server (Windows, Linux). If required our engineers offer support.

Plug & play - system
We offer a complete, preinstalled and preconfigured Time Management Office server for Windows and Linux by request. Your role: adjust the IP-address and plug to your network.

An example of a detailed evaluation:

Let us find out how Time Management Office can save time and money in your company. You will find further information at

Target groups:

Time Management Office can be used by every branch.

SaaS, webbasiert, Cloud:
System requirements:
Compatible Operating Systems (runs with):
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Win 9x/ME
Memory requirements:
512 MB RAM
Overall information of software::
System Language:
German, English, multilingual
Users Manual, Online Help, Demo Version
not required
included in price
Installation Support:
for value
included in price
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Worldwide number of installations:
Manufacturer based in:
  • Daimler AG
  • Degussa AG
  • Globus GmbH & Co. KG
  • Pioneer investments
  • Adecco human ressources
  • KlickTel AG
  • Mondi BP AG
  • Pentax Europe
  • Intercomponenware
  • ...
Contact information::
Herr Martin Böhm
+49 (0) 6081 - 5860 - 0
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from 8.70 EUR (7.50 EUR plus 16% VAT) monthly

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