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3D CAD Steelwork Solution
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SolidSteel is a parametric 3D CAD steelwork solution. It is optimized for the quick and easy design of structural steel designs of any kind. Regardless of this involves the change of profiles, lengths or distances or the repositioning of components; even complex steel designs can be changed almost in several ways afterwards. All components are automatically adjusted to the new situation.

SolidSteel already contains extensive and easily expandable profile libraries, a function library with a huge number of steel typical connection variants and additional programms for the automatic construction of complete assemblies such as stairs, handrails or frame corners.

SolidSteel also supports the subsequent processes after the design, e.g. the creation of bills of materials (BOMs) in different configurations. It is also possible to automatically create drawings and export manufacturing data in DSTV format (SolidSteel to NC).

SolidSteel supports you from the first draft to automated manufacturing. There are no limits for your creativity!


Function Overview


Profiles & Libraries

  • Extensive and extendable profile libraries
  • European, Russian and American ASTM profiles
  • Easy placing of profiles, optionally along sketch lines or from point to point with several offset options
  • Many options for processing and cutting


Steel Typical Connections

  • Extensive function library for typical steel connections
  • End plates, gusset plates, ribs, fish joints, bolted connections, clip angle connections, frame corners
  • Self-learning database for individual connection variants
  • Database with thousands of screws, nuts and washers (no toolbox required)


Drawings, Bills of Material & NC Data

  • Automated creation of drawings for parts and assemblies including dimensioning as usual in structural steel design
  • DXF export for all sheet metal parts
  • Bills of material, optionally as Excel Export with individual output formatting and automatic assignment of position numbers and a geometrical detection of identical parts
  • Automatic export of NC data for manufacturing in the DSTV format (SolidSteel to NC)


Stairs and Handrails

  • Function for creating industrial stairs, optionally with additional platforms
  • Supports the automated calculation of the step placements including boreholes and bolt connections
  • Extendable library with standard steps
  • Automatic creation of segmented handrails with many options


Structural Analysis

  • Structural analysis for parts and welded assemblies
  • Simulation
  • Intelligent SDNF interface for bi-directional collaboration with external solutions for the framework analysis
  • Automated placement of all beams of a complete steel framework, imported via SDNF files
Target groups:
  • Steel construction in connection with machine and plant construction
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