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QMSys GUM Professional/Enterprise

Software tool for the evaluation of the measurement uncertainty

Version:  4.9

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QMSys GUM Software Editions are comprehensive software tools for analysis of the measurement uncertainty of physical instruments, chemical analyses and calibrations, suitable for all types of calibration and testing laboratories, government institutions, universities, metrologists, design, production and test engineers. The software uses the three most powerful methods for calculation of measurement uncertainty, namely: GUM uncertainty framework for linear models, GUM uncertainty framework for non-linear models and the Monte-Carlo method.

The QMSys GUM Software Editions are fully compliant with official standards, regulations and guidelines, such as:

  • ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008 (GUM:1995) Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement 
  • ISO/IEC Guide 98-3:2008/Suppl. 1:2008 Supplement 1 to the "GUM" - Propagation of distributions using a Monte-Carlo method 
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540.2 U.S. Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement 
  • EA-4/02 Expression of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration 
  • DAkkS-DKD-3 Expression of the Uncertainty of Measurement in Calibration 
  • UKAS M3003 Expression of Uncertainty and Confidence in Measurement 
  • EURACHEM/CITAC Guide CG 4 Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement 
  • VDA Band 5 Measuring Process Suitability 
  • ASME PTC 19.1-2005 Test Uncertainty 
  • ISO 14253-1 - Decision rules for proving conformance or non-conformance with specifications 
  • ANSI B89.7.3.1 - Guidelines for decision rules: Considering measurement uncertainty in determining conformance to specifications 
  • EURACHEM - Use of uncertainty information in compliance assessment ISO/IEC/EN 17025 

Furthermore, the software editions also provides accuracy and validity of the results even in cases that are not described in GUM and GUM Supplement 1, e.g. non-normally (non Gaussian) distributed input quantities; correlated input quantities with finite degrees of freedom; nonlinear models with non-normally distributed input quantities. 

Our software products are equipped with many useful and valuable features. The most important ones are:

  • Direct and indirect methods of observation , unlimited number of input and output quantities and large number of probability distributions
  • Expert analysis that performs an advanced analysis of the model and determines the appropriate methods for the following calculation of the uncertainties
  • Regression analysis and calculation of the equation of the expanded uncertainty for a particular range
  • Automatic fitting of the probability distribution of the result quantities and calculation of the coverage factor
  • Validation of the results of the GUF method with the help of the Monte-Carlo method
  • Validation of the results of the Monte-Carlo method
  • Unlimited number of input and output quantities
  • Histogram plot and statistical evaluation of sampled data
  • A large number of probability distributions for input variables 
  • Adaptive and non-adaptive Monte-Carlo trials from 10 000 up to 10 000 000
  • Approaches for optimization of the measurement procedures and minimizing the uncertainty of new and existing measurement processes 
  • The user can create new or adapt existing templates for the uncertainty reports by using a text editor, e.g. Microsoft Word
  • Regular updates and upgrades
  • Multi-language, flexible and user-friendly interface with a lot of examples
  • Professional Customer Support

The full version of the QMSys GUM Editions can be evaluated free of charge for a trial period with a time duration of 3 months

Target groups:
  • testing laboratories
  • calibration laboratories
  • government institutions
  • universities
  • scientists
  • metrologists
  • design, production and test engineers
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System requirements:
Compatible Operating Systems (runs with):
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Win 9x/ME
Memory requirements:
1GB RAM, 100MB Hard Disk
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Bildschirmauflösung ab 1024*768
Overall information of software::
German, English, multilingual
Online Help, Demo Version
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included in price

Calibration and Testing Laboratories, Manufacturers of measurement eqiupment:
- MeßTechnikNord GmbH – Germany
- Ing.-Büro Gerhard Meißner – Germany
- Jurjanz Meß- und Prüftechnik – Germany
- Kessler QMP GmbH – Germany
- SFP Prüfmittelüberwachung – Germany
- MKE-Bremen GmbH – Germany
- RECKMANN GmbH – Germany
- MK - Kalibrierlabor GmbH  – Germany
- DECOM GmbH  – Germany
- CSL Behring AG  – Switzerland
- Carl Zeiss Quality Services Srl - Italy
- METLAB srl - Italy
- Piccadilly Precision Engineering Co.  – UK
- Courcelle Gavelle S.A. – France
- ExCal s.r.o. – Slovakia
- Sistemska Tehnika d.o.o. -  Slovenia
- Technical Office D. Vrecossis - Greece
- Fox Valley Metrology, Inc – USA
- Advent Tool & Mfg., Inc – USA
- Air-Ins Inc. - Canada
- Elacite-Med JSC – Bulgaria
- MONBAT JSC – Bulgaria
- ZIIU Standard JSC - Bulgaria

Universities, Research Institutes:
- Chair QFM, University Erlangen - Germany
- Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences - Germany
- Riga Technical University – Latvia
- AIB-Vincotte Hungary Kft. - Hungary
- Sofia Technical University – Bulgaria
- Gabrovo Technical University – Bulgaria


Contact information::
Ms. Kristina Golemanova
+359 889 438 212
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