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ProQuin Fundamentals

Management, administration and control system for small service based businesses

Version:  2.0.2

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The ProQuin Company supplies management software to growing service based businesses.

Focused on management rather than accountancy ProQuin puts control into the business reducing both sales lead times and administrative costs. ProQuin solves the day to day problem of maintaining control over growing service based businesses.

Designed specifically with the business manager in mind rather than the accountant, ProQuin allows you to put control into the business without tying your hands. From quotation, through purchasing to delivery and invoice, it allows you to increase the turnover of the business, without the need to add administrative (non fee earning) staff.

ProQuin operates from a simple console that we call a Dashboard. The Dashboard is an easy to use top level control that allows you to see what is going on in the business at a glance.

Combined with a fast quotation mechanism and sales prospecting and management tools, ProQuin is a refreshingly simple way to get a grip on the business. Benefits to the user include:

  • Simple easy to access overview of the business;
  • Simple to use prospecting tools for slick sales operations;
  • Fast turnaround quoting and estimating tools that impress customers and quickly close sales;
  • Extensive case sensitive help features making setup and use easy;
  • Substantial reduction on administrative overhead reducing the need to add additional administrative or sales personnel;
  • Real time overview of the business situation so that management decisions can be made quickly and appropriately;
  • Significant reduction in standards based paper work (E.g. for ISO 9000);
  • Establishes a platform for both turnover and profitability growth.
Target groups:
Service based businesses under 25 personnel
from 199.00 USD (199.00 USD plus 0% VAT) per client - Support upgrades available
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Mr. Keith Wallis
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