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Price: 95.19 EUR - Plant Cell Biology on DVD

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Plant Cell Biology on DVD

Plant Cell Biology on DVD

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Plant Cell Biology on DVD
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An Plant Cell Biology on DVD is available for this program order service. Direct order from the vendor for the price of 95.19 EUR.

Plant Cell Biology on DVD

The DVD contains approx. 2,000 images and more than 250 movies of the cell biology and structure-function relationships of subcellular components of plant cells.

Most forms of microscopy and most forms of sample preparation are included. The superior quality given by high-pressure freezing/freeze-substitution is featured in all chapters. Particular emphasis is placed on movie recording of dynamic processes in live cells, thus making avaiable events which few teachers or students can hope to see for themselves.

Program facilities include hierarchical menus, comprehensive navigation and progress-monitoring aids, detailed descriptions of all images, ability to export images, and a slide-show module that allowas pre-selection of sequences of images/movies for use in one-click presentations or tutorial exercises.

Introduction to plant cells: images and movies introducing cell types and surveying cell organelles

Nucleus: images and movies on chromatin, nuclear envelope, nucleolus, Cajal bodies

ER: images and movies/animations dealing with rough, smooth, cortical, and ER in mitosis

Golgi: images and movies/animations on structure and functions, assembly and division

Plasma membrane: images describing general features, surface amplifications & adhesions

Plasmodesmata: images showing structure and transport properties

Vacuole: images and movies on dynamics, contents, categories, cell enlargement, tonoplast

Mitochondria: images and movies on structure, behaviour, fusion-fission, origin

Plastids: images and movies/animations covering proplastids, chloroplasts, etioplasts, amyloplasts, chromoplasts, leucoplasts, elaioplasts; a taxonomic survey of algal and higher plant groups, endosymbiotic origins, division processes, positioning in cells, thylakoid/granum architecture, stroma components, rubisco, pyrenoids, starch, DNA, C4 variations, and a large section on the dynamic behaviour of stromules.

Peroxisomes: images and movies dealing with structure, categories of function and proliferation

Cytoskeleton: images and movies/animations on actin and cytoplasmic streaming, microtubules, cortical arrays and wall deposition, pre-prophase bands, the mitotic spindle, phragmoplasts, initiation of microtubules and assembly of arrays, and specialized systems in spermatozoids, nucleo-cytoplasmic domains, quadripolar meiotic spindles and lipotubuloids

Vesicle Trafficking: images and movies on endo- and exo-cytosis, endosomes, pre-vacuolar compartments (MVBs), Golgi associated vesicles and TGN, clathrin coated vesicles

Organelle Interactions: images and movies illustrating positional interactions in the cell.

Publication Date: 2009-09-11

Plant Cell Biology on DVD is a product of the Springer-Verlag Heidelberg