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Parabuild - Steel detailing software

3D Steel detailing software for AutoCAD and BricsCAD - with automatic shop drawings

Version:  3.0

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Parabuild is designed to make steel detailing in 3D efficient and intuitive. To deliver on this promise we developed unique new technologies specific for the steel construction industry, and the result is an application that will boost your productivity with minimal training needs.

Context Modeler

Adding new members or parts is a breeze with context modeling: Move the cursor around and Parabuild proposes sensible solutions based on cursor location, available members and additional available context. Tell the software what you need and point to the location you need It and the new element is automatically constrained to the grid, connecting members or frame lines.

The user interface could not be more self explanatory: tell Parabuild what you need by clicking images that resemble what you need, and point to the general location where you need It. Parabuild will draw a temporary element dependent on the cursor location and the construction elements near the cursor. Move around the cursor and different solutions are proposed, with magnet-like snapping to edges or middle points.


Creating a connection between members is as easy as selecting the members and choosing between the filtered list of connection options that Parabuild proposes. That means you won’t have to browse hundreds of connections to find the ones you need. Upon selection, the connection with all its parts and bolts is immediately drawn on screen and modifications are made in a graphic-based dialog box where each change is instantly shown on the actual 3D model.

User-Defined Connections

Every single standard connection was created using tools that are available to any detailer, without programming a single line of code. This was done by using simple geometric rules on members and parts inside template drawings, which means you can create your own connections! User made connections are integrated with the existing connection system for easy re-use in all your projects.

Parametric constraints

Constraints have been popular in mechanical CAD for a long time (Solidworks, Inventor, Pro Engineer, ...), but never for steel detailing because of the massive amount of geometries involved. Parabuild has a constraint solver designed specifically to solve this problem for the structural sector. Manual constraining is only needed for detailers that wish to create custom connections and macros. Templates can be applied with ease in any 3D model, and Parabuild will take care of copying the constraints. Members and individual parts can be efficiently placed through the Context Modeler and will be automatically constrained.

Automatic generation of shop drawings

Parabuild generates quality 2D part and assembly detail drawings directly from the 3D model which ensures accuracy and avoidance of mistakes. Dimensions and tags are automatically drawn, and the AI engine in Parabuild will find the best location for them to ensure a convenient and readable 2D drawing.

Unlike other detailing software Parabuild draws automatic dimensions directly with the native dimension types provided by AutoCAD and BricsCAD. This makes your life a lot easier when editing drawings!

General Arrangement drawings

Use the 3D model to create general arrangement drawings (GA drawings); anchor bolt plans, side views, floor plans, 3D views, sections, … Use filters and view limits to your advantage to quickly create the result you need. Each view or detail is linked to the 3D model. When the 3D model was changed, the general arrangement drawings are tagged as out of date and can be updated with a click of a button. Parabuild will get the latest info from the 3D structure to update the views and BOM. In doing this, Parabuild will keep your existing dimensions and annotations intact.

Bill Of Materials

Generate any type of BOM at the click of a button - sourced straight from the 3D model.

CNC files at the click of a button

Parabuild will generate DXF and DSTV files for automated drilling, marking and cutting. These can also optionally have weld contours or weld points at corners.


It has become important for steel detailers to join the BIM movement. The advantages to be gained are too big to be passed up. Parabuild takes care of the steel detailers BIM needs and supports IFC import and export.

Free Trial - The free 30-day trial includes step-by-step exercises to get you up-and running in no time!

Target groups:
  • steel detailers
  • steel fabricators
  • structural engineers
from 1900.00 EUR (1900.00 EUR plus 0% VAT) - LT regular license
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+323 216 49 66
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