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OneOffixx - Your Ideal Template Mangement System

OneOffixx Template Management: Optimized Templates for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
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OneOffixx is your clever template management solution for Microsoft Office. Thanks to OneOffixx, your company's corporate design is perfectly displayed on all documents and templates. Formatting errors and an incorrect CI/CD on corporate documents are no longer an issue. OneOffixx facilitates the creation, support and maintenance of Word documents, email signatures, PowerPoint presentations and Excel tables.

In addition, OneOffixx also facilitaties content cration processes. In Word and Outlook, snippets are available and can be added to documents via a simple drag and drop function. In Outlook, timed eMarketing campaigns are easily created. Dynamic mail signatures as well as interfaces to CRM and other online tools are additional benefits of the OneOffixx template software. In PowerPoint, you can add external slides at the click of a button and adjust them to the corporate design in a minute.

The OneOffixx template management system is available in all languages. IT supports private companies as well as public enterprises and companies with specific compliance rules (e.g. law firms). Updates are executed at the klick of a button, saving valuable IT capacities while increasing the efficiency of the employees and your company at the same time. A comprehensive authorization system enables a smooth and individual access for each user independent of his or her location. 

OneOffixx template management: 10 key features

  • Unified documents in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Centrally managed templates and data
  • Snippets for Outlook and Word
  • Templates in multiple languages for different companies and organizational units
  • Supports timed eMarketing campaigns
  • Address interfaces and interfaces to CRM and online tools
  • Integration of the latest logos and brands
  • CI/CD updates at the press of a button
  • Automatic adjustments, including for Excel diagrams and PowerPoint presentations
  • Online and offline availability of the latest templates

OneOffixx: The most important benefits

Benefits for the management

  • Unified corporate identity across organizational units and locations
  • Mass output of correct documents
  • Higher productivity due to efficient workflows
  • Reduction of operational costs

Benefits for the IT department

  • Reduced IT support for templates
  • Smooth creation of new templates
  • No re-programming of templates needed for Office updates
  • Facilitated administration of templates
  • Comprehensive authorization rights

Benefits for marketing & communications

  • Documents without any format errors displaying the perfect corporate design
  • CI/CD updates at the press of a button
  • Timed eMarketing campaigns
  • Multiple language functions

Benefits for the administration

  • Intuitive and user-friendly operations
  • Eliminates boring and recurring tasks
  • No tiresome search for the correct templates
  • Simplifies daily workflows

Are you interested in OneOffixx? Contact us at!

OneOffixx is a product of the PrimeSoft Group. Our company PrimeDocs GmbH is happy to assist German, Austrian and international clients.

Target groups:
  • Companies, public enterprises and organizations working with Microsoft Office
  • Companies having trouble displaying their unified corporate identity on all documents and in emails
  • Companies based on several locations wanting to consolidate their CI/CD
  • Companies with special compliance requirements (e.g. public enterprises, law firms)


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OneOffixx template for Excel

Working with Excel has never been so easy: With OneOffixx for Excel templates each user has access to standardized Excel tables displaying individual contact details and data. The design reflects the company’s corporate identity. OneOffixx is your simply ideal template management software for Excel!

OneOffixx template for Outlook

OneOffixx facilitates the presentation of your company’s CI on all documents: The central management of email signatures gives a perfect overview on your data. Text modules are available both for documents and as Outlook templates, making your daily workflows run more efficiently. The OneOffixx template management makes the simply impossible possible: Increase both output and quality with OneOffixx for Outlook templates!

System requirements:
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Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
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Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
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German, English, French, multilingual
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  • Bezirk Niederbayern
  • Weckenmann
  • Baudirektion Kanton Zürich
  • KIBAG Group
  • Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern
  • Koch Group AG
  • Björn Schulz Stiftung

Additional references upon request.

Contact information::
Herr Elmar Barzen
+49 89 215 4106-11
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