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A Realtime Integrated Payroll and HR Software

Version:  7.1

Compatible with
  • Fully Realtime Payroll Solution
  • No Month End payroll processing or generation
  • Truly Integrated Payroll solution with close integration to HR, ERP’s, TAS, ESS etc.
  • Automatic Alerts for multiple events
  • True Windows application with multi windows and Right Click menu support
  • Multiple Model of Payroll Implementation (Supports two different models of Payroll implementation for various industry requirements with different types of data entry and storage)
  • No Customization Required
  • Supports payroll for Daily Rates, Monthly Rated and Hourly Rated employees
  • Minimum Data Entry
  • Define any Rule Based payroll as per your requirement
  • Complete Leave Records integrated to payroll
  • Multi Currency Payroll
  • Multi Company Payroll and HR
  • Maximum coverage of modules for different countries
  • Automatic leave deduction from salary
  • Automatic Gratuity computation with user definable parameters
  • Automatic Leave Salary computation and history
  • Automatic Arrears/Back-Pay and split (mid-month salary change) Calculation
  • Import of data from Microsoft Excel©
  • Smooth and easy flow of Information among Various Departments
  • Multiple Banks with different payment options
  • Coinage Analysis (Cash Denomination List)
  • Complete Employee Information including Personal and Official
  • User Defined Entry and Report View options
  • Graphical reports with Data Export facility
  • Direct export facility of all reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Olive supports two different models of Payroll (Standard model with auto computations in most cases) and a Rate x Qty model (for companies with maximum of elements and with manual entries for quantities).

Employee Level Information

  • Categorize Employees based on Groups and Grades
  • Tag employees to Department and Division
  • Create any number of designations (occupations) and tag to employees
  • Maintain relevant document details of each employee
  • Passport detail including Passport number, Place of issue, Expiry Date and Given to
      Visa details including Visa Number, Issue Date and Expiry Date
      Labour Card details including Card Number, Date of Issue and Expiry Date
      Health Card details with Expiry date
    Provision to enter user defined Card number and expiry date (Create your own card information)
  • Mark Intimation Date, Joining Date, Employee Contract Joining Date and Confirmation Dates etc.
  • Maintain ID and a reference to Corporate / Alternate Employee ID too. Automatic ID creation for new employees entered in Numeric or Alpha Numeric formats
  • Identify the mode of payment for each employee by Cash, Cheque and Bank Transfer.
  • Track the name of the Bank and the employee’s Account Number in the bank, supports multiple banks and accounts to each employee
  • Create Master Allowances and Deductions for a group of employees and allow entering the same from Employee Master itself. You may hide the same for some users to
  • Create new Divisions / Designations / Departments and Groups for employees on the fly while adding / Modifying an employee
  • Maintain complete record of Employee permanent & Local Address with Email & mobile information.
  • Visually identify each employee with their photograph
  • Link Manpower / Recruitment Companies / Agents to each employee
  • Maintain detailed remarks for each employee in the Employee Master and in each month’s payroll
  • Map employee to any user defined Gratuity Rule Set and Leave Group. Link different Gratuity rule and leave rule to different group of employees.
  • Access other employee related modules like opening balances from Employee Master itself.
  • Generate Agent wise report, Contact List, Category List, Document List, Employee Card, Age wise analysis, Service years list etc for any Location / Division / Department / Designation / Group reports
  • Generate Employee Master Element List with Join date and all Payroll Master Figures.
  • Generate the Document Numbers and expiries of different documents like Passport, Visa, Labour Card, Health Card in a single report for all or filtered employee lists.
  • Generate Employee Contact List reports mentioning the different contact details like Phone, Mobile, Personal Email, Official Email etc.
  • Facility to set an email ID for the C.C, while the Pay slip is sent by email.
  • Print Employee Card for any selected employee, with the relevant personal, HR and official information entered
  • Built in control facility available to set some of the payroll rules at the employee level, handling exceptions
  • Rehire an employee who has left earlier into Olive from any given date without creating it as a new employee. Use the same Employee ID and see all the history of the employee related information from the same.
  • Maintain the complete history of the employee’s leaving details and rehire details, good for short term contractual employees.

EmployeeTurn Over / Strength / Head Count

  • Get the Employee Strength (Count) as on any particular date grouped by Division, Department, Designation, Group, Grade, Nationality, Sex, Marital Status, Leave Group, Visa Type etc.
  • Generate Employee Turn Over / Head Count Report indicating the Opening, joined, left and current list of employees or their count for any period or any range of dates. Generate the same list on Division / Department / Designation / Group wise / Nationality / Sex / Martial Status / Agent / Leave Group / Gratuity Rule Set, Visa Type and Currency wise.
  • Built in facility to take the Turn Over report even for a specific section like only joining / Only Left / Current etc. Or Get all the above sections in a single report in MS Excel.
  • Facility to consider the Intimation / Resignation or Last Working Date for the section of Left employees
  • Generate the Employee Turn Over / Strengths Reports in different combinations using Primary and Secondary Groupings criteria in Summary or Detailed formats.
  • Preview the reports in a Graphical Viewer or directly export them to MS Excel as a formatted report.
  • Detailed report on the average age and average service period in a columnar format with valuable additional employee details in a division, department, Designation, Group, grade wise formats [New]

Document Links

  • Maintain relevant document details of each employee of any file type (MS Word, PDF, JPG, XLS etc.)
  • Maintain direct document links to all the Employees Documents like Resume, Appointment / Termination / Appraisal Letters, Passport / Visa Pages, Memos, Contract images etc. One click and you have the original related document opened for the selected employee
  • Create your own Document Names like Employee Resume, Lease Agreements etc.
  • Group the Document Names into different User defined Schemes to show relevant documents in a single page

Qualifications / Experience & Skill Sets

  • Built in facility to enter the work experience of the employee in all companies prior to joining this company
  • Track the details on the Name of the organization, Designation, Period and other details
  • Built in Preview module to see the complete list of Work experience of any employee
  • Track different skill set of each employee with the skill name and number of years experience with the same
  • Built in Preview to see the complete list of Skill sets of any selected employee.
  • Track the complete Academic and Technical Qualifications of each employee with the details on the Qualification, institution, Period, Grade, Marks etc., separately
  • Built in Preview to see the complete list of Academic and Technical Qualifications of any selected employee
  • Built in comprehensive reporting module to generate reports on the Qualifications, Experience and Skill sets
  • All the reports can be grouped and Sub grouped on Division, Department, Designation, Groups, Qualifications, Skill sets, Nationality, Sex and Marital Status with Advance selection facility


  • Maintain Employee Dependant’s (family members) complete details also in Olive.
  • Manage the Passport, visa, Health card details of the Employee’s dependants
  • Generate automatic alerts on the above document expiries through the Alert Manager
  • Maintain the Emergency Contact No of the dependant and even a remarks / note on the Dependant
  • Built in Preview of the Employee Dependant details as a report.
  • Manage Additional Card details of dependants (user defined) with automatic alerts on Card expiry date [New]

User Defined Fields (UDF)’s – Employee Level

  • Create User Defined Fields (UDF), of different Data types to store any additional information of the employee
  • Group the Employee UDF as per your grouping criteria (scheme). Create separate group of information for Contracts, Personal, Memos Given, Travel, Insurance, Work Permit, Medical etc.
  • Facility to directly export the reports (formatted) on all Employee User Defined Fields to Microsoft Excel
  • Versatile UDF Transaction facility available to enter and manage the multiple transactions of any UDF sets of fields, very good feature to keep track of all the insurance, Medical, Internal Memo records of each employee
  • Facility to create UDFs in different data types including Number, String, Logical, Date types. A new List type of UDF is also been introduced. [New]
  • Built in comprehensive reporting tool to generate reports on all the standard fields of Employee, User Defined Fields, Payroll Master Elements, directly to MS Excel. Reports can be grouped and sub grouped on various criteria like Division, Department, Designation, Group, Grade etc.

Passport Release (applicable for specific countries only)

  • Manage the complete passport Releases of the employees with ease
  • Manage application details of the passport requests of each employee and track all the past applications of Passport Releases against each employee with details on the dates of application request, release dates, Reason for release, whether the Labour Card has been returned or not.
  • Facility to attach a soft copy of the document against each of the Passport Request Application, good for companies to indicate attachment of Air Tickets or other documents [New]
  • Facility to print the Passport Request & Release form with Authorization labels (for employee signatures).
  • Comprehensive reporting module for Passport Release on Requests, Releases, Releases that are not yet returned etc. All report combinations can be taken on Division, Department, Designation, Group wise with direct export to Excel facility
  • Finest integration with the web based Olive Employee Self Service (ESS) Add On Module such that different approvers can approve / reject every Passport Requests. All the Approval details and status shall be displayed in the Passport Release module too.  [New]

Salary Structures

  • Define separate Salary Structures with separate Allowances and Deductions for different employees with different salary rules
  • Define multiple Allowances and multiple Deductions in each of the Salary Structure
  • User Defined Salary (Pay) period and Leave Period, Mark Weekly Off days and Working days for each Structure
  • Automatic computation of prorated allowance and deduction based on different standard methods
  • Automatic unpaid Leave computation on any allowance & deduction based on different industry standard methods
  • Excellent User Defined Attendance entry configurations. Attendance can be entered on Days basis, or for each Date or just with absent entries
  • Attendance Entry with or Without Overtime (consolidated OR for each date). Facility to have multiple columns of Overtime like Normal Overtime, Weekly Off Overtime, Public Holiday Overtime, Shift Overtime
  • Define an element (Allowances and Deductions) on different type (Master / Fixed / Monthly Entered or Computed)
  • Allows computations of any allowance with user defined formulae. Built in Powerful formula builder with numerous built in functions and variables.
  • User Defined configuration of Prorated computation / Unpaid computation and Arrear computation for any allowance or deduction.
  • User defined field length (Integers & Decimals) for each element
  • Round off any allowance or deduction as per your choice to the Higher, Lower or closest Integer.
  • Compute incentives/commissions for employees based on any parameters
  • Facility to allocate salary of selective employees to multiple divisions or departments or groups based on given percentage basis. The allocation percentage can be changed for each month (period).
  • User can tag the Element (Allowances & Deductions) to be used for allocation.
  • Take the salary register division / department / group wise with actual and allocated values in summary or in detailed report format.
  • Built in user friendly element Configuration module available to set the properties of each element (Allowances, Deductions, and Contributions etc.)
  • Facility available to list the complete Allowances / Deductions etc in a graphical preview or in MS excel format with the standard properties.
  • Versatile Formula Builder, one of the most flexible and powerful option in Olive. The built in Olive Formula Builder supports a series of Olive Functions and variables, catering to the various payroll requirements of users. More than 100 Olive functions to choose from, for simple to most complex payroll computational requirements.

Leave Management

  • With Olive, complete leave management is possible, right from start to finish
  • User Defined Leaves, create your own leaves like Annual, Sick, Maternity, Unpaid, Causal leaves etc.
  • Define rules for each of the above leave type
  • No more manual calculation of Leaves Due and Leaves Taken by employees
  • Get a full list of employees who are going on leave and who are on leave for any given date range
  • Leaves can be grouped for different class (structure) of employees. Hence you can have different leave rules for management and different rule for Labour employees
  • Based on the set Leave rules, the leave gets automatically accrued when the employee joins, finishes one month or one year etc. No manual entries / adjustments required
  • Track the Leave Application, Approval and Allocation of each leave
  • Enter Leave Applications for each employee with complete details. All the leave applications entered against an employee shall be showed together in the Leave Applications page with its leave status in different colors also. (Visually see and print all the leave applications of an employee). The supported Leave Statuses are Applied, Pending, Approved, Rejected, Allocated, Rejoined
  • Mark Approval details of each leave application, if required noting the person who approved, date of approval and with his / her comments
  • Entry of the actual leave taken which could be different from the leave applied
  • Enter Leave Applications for each employee with complete details. Mark Approval details of each leave application, if required noting the person who approved, date of approval and with his / her comments and entry of the actual leave taken which could be different from the leave applied
  • Excellent management reporting on leaves - See the list of other employees who have already applied for any leave while an employee is applying for leave. So you will know, before a Mason or Carpenter takes the leave, how many Masons and Carpenters have already applied / taken leave during the same period
  • Leave taken can be bifurcated for multiple types of leaves with salary effect if required
  • On-line leave balance of each employee as on the current month with complete leave breakup. Breakup available with Entitlement, Opening, Accrued, Lapsed, Encashed, Taken and Balance
  • Full history of leave applied / taken by any employee - Complete Leave Trends for all / a group of employees with multiple criteria
  • Facility to re-process the salary based on a leave entry irrespective whether the leave is unpaid or paid (useful for Element formulae based on any leave)
  • Facility for Leave Prefix and Suffix rule for Weekly Off days and Public Holidays. Include or exclude the Prefixed / Suffixed Weekly Off days (Say Fridays) and Public Holidays as part of the Leave, if required on various scenarios.
  • Comprehensive reporting on the Leave Taken - All Leave Taken between a range of dates, Leave Taken with Approval or Leave taken without Application, Leave Taken but different from applied dates and Days exceeding Applied Days, Gone on Leave and Resumed Office
  • Leave Due List for any range of dates (Employees whose Annual leave is due in the range of dates), Attach a Leave Group to employee, meaning different leave rules for different groups of employees, Show the Leave Position in Pay slip for employees, if required, Complete Leave History for any number of years
  • Maintain full history of leaves taken (opening) against each employee even if Olive is implemented from mid-year
  • Online Leave Status Verification with Opening, Taken & Balance for any month, Realtime Leave Balance control at the time of leave application entry.
  • Facility to block a new leave application if the earlier leave is not allocated / not rejoined
  • Facility to mark the Rejoin Date (joining on duty) against each of the leave application after it is allocated.
  • Facility to extend an existing leave after it is being allocated. Good for those employees who do not return on the application To dates.
  • Facility to attach a scanned image of a document against a leave application. Good for Medical Certificate submission against a Sick Leaves of employees. If the Olive ESS is used, the approver of the employee can see the leave application and the medical certificate copy before approval.
  • Facility to link any other employee as ‘Person in Charge’ or ‘Substitute’ while the employee is on leave.
  • Facility to show the approval details of each leave application. If the Olive ESS is installed, the details of all the approvers shall be shown with the approval status and comments of each approver.
  • Built-in Leave Planner Facility. You may record the leave plan for each employee in advance from the beginning of the calendar year and can link it to the leave applications.
  • Finest integration with the web based Olive Employee Self Service (ESS) Add-On Module such that different approvers can approve / reject the Leave applications. All the Approval details and status shall be displayed in the Leave Application module too, so that the HR personnel can easily identify the approval status of each and every leave application and take necessary action.  [New]

Leave Salary

  • Comprehensive module for the Leave Salary with the choice of paying the Salary during the leave days as part of normal monthly salary or as Leave Salary - Set any of the industry standard rules for the Leave Salary
  • Allow the Leave Salary to be computed only after (n) years of service
  • Block the Leave Salary payments to Unconfirmed employees, if you so wish
  • Compute the Leave Salary for calendar year of service or for a range of dates, based on the rules of the company
  • Daily Rate used for Leave Salary can be as per any of the following methode
  • Set Leave salary controls like - Do not allow Leave Salary without leave application / leave taken.
  • Facility to make the Leave Salary Payment through salary, and show in the Pay Slip, if required.
  • Control the Leave Salary payment – Set the rule as Pay the Leave Salary only after a leave is taken
  • Set different Leave Salary computation rules for different leave groups, which could be assigned to different nationalities or different groups of employees.
  • Complete history of all the leave salary computations and payments to all employees
  • Track Leave Salary Application, Approvals and Payments
  • Get a full list of employees whose leave salary is due within a given range of dates giving you the approximate fund outflow, Olive even gives a report on the Leave Salary due list with the due amount also.
  • Automatic calculation with full breakup shown for any leave salary period (feature to compute the Leave salary for multiple years based on each year salary)
  • Complete Leave Salary MIS for all or a group of employees with multiple criteria for
  • Leave Salary Applications - All Leave Salary applications, Leave Salary Approved, Unapproved and Rejected Applications, Leave Salary unpaid, Net Yet Applied, Leave Salary Due
  • Leave Salary Payments - All Leave Salary Payments, All Approved Leave Salary Payments, All Unapproved Leave Salary Payments, Leave Salary Application Rejected but paid, All Leave Salary Payments by Cash, All Leave Salary Payments with the Salary
  • Compute Monthly Leave Salary Provisions online for posting to your Accounting Software
  • Facility to compute the Month wise Leave Salary Days, Provision, Paid and balance
  • Get Division / Department / Designation / Group wise report of Monthly Leave Salary provisions
  • Automatic re-computation of Monthly Leave Salary provision in the event of a change in Salary from any month
  • Facility to include / exclude the Unpaid (Leave) days from the computation of Leave Salary days
  • Facility to manually adjust the computed figures of the leave salary.
  • Facility to compute Leave Salary on a user defined Daily Rate.
  • Facility to print the Leave Salary Statement in 2 different formats – 1. Standard format. 2. Statement with details, but without the current month salary details.


  • Complete management of Employee Gratuity
  • Set User defined Gratuity Rules as per statutory rules / regulations or as per the company policy.
  • Facility to define separate rules for Resigned and Terminated employees.
  • Multiple Gratuity rules can be defined in the system for different groups of employees (example separate rule for Locals and separate rule for Expatriates)
  • Provision to show the Employee Gratuity for the Current Year and the for the previous Years breakup.
  • Control to allow whether the Gratuity amount to exceed a maximum of 2 years Basic salary
  • Control to allow Gratuity for employees with less than 1 year of service.
  • Provision to manually override the current Daily Rate for any employee before computing the Gratuity.
  • Gratuity amount computation available for the current and resigned / terminated employees as on any date
  • Effective Control to block Gratuity computation for unconfirmed employees in your company.
  • Compute Gratuity based on the employee Join Date, Contract Join Date or the Confirmation Date.
  • Effective Rounding off facilities for the computed Gratuity amount.
  • Provision to deduct the number of days absent, exceeding leave balance from the Gratuity Days.
  • Maintain complete records of the Gratuity computation and Gratuity payment to each employee.
  • Full Gratuity related information available in one screen, including all dates, rates and controls
  • Adjust days manually to deduct from Computed Gratuity days or Days for Gratuity computation.
  • Use What If Analysis with different Daily Rate (Basic Salary) and Calculation Basis to see the immediate effect in an employee’s net Gratuity amount.
  • Provision to make Gratuity payment to the employee directly from the application.
  • Generate (Print / Preview) the Gratuity computation sheet (voucher) directly from the system.
  • Generate Gratuity List for all employees/groups based on different conditions in summary/detailed format (Month end Gratuity Accrued Report)
  • Generate Gratuity Report for multiple selection criteria like
  • Facility for Gratuity Advance payments and deduction of Advance from the final Gratuity payment
  • Provision to Exclude the Absconding Employees from the report or to show the Gratuity List only for the current or Left Employees
  • Compute Monthly Gratuity provisions with ease for posting to your Accounting software, you can even set the Provision computation to be based on Resignation / Termination rule
  • Facility to compute the Gratuity on a user defined Daily Rate, different from the one used for the Unpaid computation
  • Apart from the Built in rule for Gratuity as per UAE labour law, Olive even has the facility to have multiple rules of gratuity for different group of employees like National Employees, JAFZA rule, Others etc.


Target groups:
  • Oil & Gas sector companies with multi currency Payroll and HR.
  • Contracting Companies
  • Engineering COmpanies
  • Manpower Companies
  • Factories
  • Retails
  • Certification Companies
  • Project based companies
SaaS, webbasiert, Cloud:
System requirements:
Compatible Operating Systems (runs with):
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
IIS .Net Framework 4.0 Windows 2008 Server
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