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OLfolders - Microsoft Outlook networks without Exchange or Windows Server.

Version:  2.8.5

Compatible with

OLfolders allows the access and sharing of all Outlook data such as contacts, calendars, tasks, emails stored on a different computer from each workstation simultaneously in a given network, a central enterprise wide access to an Outlook structure is possible.
The server application OLfolders-Server is installed on at least one computer in a new or given Outlook network, allowing other clients to connect to the data remotely. Access can be restricted by user rights to certain profiles, files or folders inside a file. The server can run either on a dedicated server or on any works station or notebook; more than one server can be installed in a network. Starting from 2 up to unlimited clients can connect to data stored on the OLfolders-Server. OLfolders can co-exist perfectly in an existing MS Exchange environment, for example to create additional shared folders for a group or project and without loosing the connection to Microsoft’s Exchange Server. Simply install the OLfolders-Server application at any computer in your network, and allow other workstations to access the data in real time. Depending on your configuration, even multiple OLfolders Server can run at different computers and clients are able to access all of them.

Easy to install and easy to use The shard folders are displayed in a separate tree in Outlook like a shared disk is shown as a separate tree in the Windows Explorer.OLfolders works like sharing a network drive, Outlook connects to any amount of data within less then a second, displaying all data from the server. If the user opens any email, attachment, contact or any other object, the data is transferred to the client. While one client is modifying an element, It is write-protected for all other clients.The server application does not need any configuration; It imports user accounts from Windows and automatically accesses all data files which are configured in Outlook, even in multiple profiles.

Integrated Mail server
OLfolders contains an integrated mail server for internal and external mail extends with server side junk- and virus filter. It allows sending internal emails between clients without using the internet. The mail server can deliver any incoming mails to a shared folder without the use of Outlook. Mails for info@, support@ etc. can be stored directly to any folder at the shared file and read by all users.

Outlook Synchronization (QSynchronization)
Synchronization of notebooks and PDA (one cost free license is included in each client license of OLfolders).

Team communication - Features and options (Examples)
OLfolders can be accessed by any program using the extended MAPI interface, for example with Word, Access or any application accessing Outlook, CDO or MAPI or DAO. User administration: The server part optionally automatically imports Windows users, thus allowing all Windows users access the shared files without any setup of user accounts. Easy backup: OLfolders uses normal PST files which can be simply copied to the backup medium. All incoming and outgoing emails can be backed up automatically by the mail server; all mails can be automatically copied to a disk directory in MIME format, which is readable with any email software. Program update: Free update on new versions. Optionally clients can get the updated version automatically from your updated server. Installation: User manual; online help and de-installation routine.

Network features
Outlook Networks: Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server networks. Flexible: Each computer can be client and server. A network can be established in minutes, if a connection to computer is no longer needed, It can be closed. You can, for example, set up a network during a conference or if you want to copy some data between two computers in a network, also additional to any existing connection to your server.Multiple Outlook networks for decentralized enterprise network locations are possible. User rights management: User rights for different folders, for example read-only, invisible, hidden private elements.Completely hide certain folders from certain users, for example It is possible to share only the calendar and hide inbox, outbox, sent items etc. Real-time access: All changes are visible at all workstations at the same time, even if many elements have been changed, for example a folder with sub folders is moved to a new location. All clients update their views automatically.No conflicts are possible. Because OLfolders is not based on synchronization but on real-time access, It is impossible to create a conflict. External accesses to the network: Internet, VPN, IPX/SPX, telecommunications, WLAN, etc. Exchange Server: OLfolders works in small networks with two computers and in large networks. For example It can be used as a POP3-Beamer for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Customer Benefits
1. Easy to install, flexible configuration at low operating costs (Administration) and constant availability.
2. Fast Return of Investment (ROI) by an optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

OLfolders - Trial and full version:
Before purchase - OLfolders can be tested. Download a 30-days trial version (8.5 MB) via the download page. The full version (user license) can be purchased (quantity prices) for EUR 84.02 / USD 96.54 starting from a 2 workstations network upwards.

Innovation prize 2006 - German Initiative Mittelstand (SME)
OLfolders was awarded 2006 for the most innovative products in the category "Office Communication" for Office communication in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME). Currently world-wide more than 24,000 Outlook users in more than 6,000 companies are using OLfolders for Outlook networks.

Target groups:

Industries independently; Target market: Small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

from 114.88 USD (96.54 USD plus 19% VAT) per client (Full version)
from 99.98 EUR (84.02 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client (Full version)
System requirements:
Compatible Operating Systems (runs with):
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Win 9x/ME
Memory requirements:
64 MB RAM, 20 MB Hard Disk
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Microsoft Office Outlook 97 to 2007.
Overall information of software::
German, English
Users Manual, Online Help, Demo Version
not required
included in price
included in price
included in price
Currently world-wide more than 24,000 Outlook users in about 6,000 companies are using OLfolders for Outlook networks.
Contact information::
Herr Egbert Parthesius
Links and contact:
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