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FREE - NiCE Log File Management Pack

NiCE Log File Management Pack to supercharge SCOM based log file analytic capabilities.

Version:  1.30

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The NiCE Log File MP is a SCOM 2012 add-on to supercharge the log file analytic capabilities for your Windows Servers.

Business critical applications write health and performance information to log files and this is often left unattended and simply archived. It is time to tap into the pool of information that is contained in the log files.

The NiCE Log File MP is THE product to tap into the information contained in your log files. It provides more than 100 custom wizards to the SCOM Authoring console to create rules and monitors with ease. All parts of the NiCE Log File MP leverage native SCOM capabilities and provide a powerful tool that analyzes log content in full detail.

• Comes with a set of custom authoring wizards so you can create:
    - Alert Rules
    - Performance Counters
    - Unit Monitors
• Allows you to set an alert on missing log files
• Allows you to define log file names as absolute paths
• The NiCE Log File MP interface is part of the Microsoft Monitoring Agent
• Includes a powerful program execution interface to run scripts and programs

• Set the log file directory using a regex pattern with no restrictions
• Correlate your log lines
• Customize behavior if log file does not exist

Some use cases for the NiCE Log File MP

Support for dynamic log file names and locations
Problem - It is often the case that you, as a System administrator, don’t have the possibility to choose log file names and locations. It is simply set by your application. This application may roll log files on a daily basis or even on a service restart, resulting in complex log file names and directory structures. Furthermore, the out-of-the-box log file module provided by SCOM only supports relative paths and no wild cards in paths.

Solution - The NiCE Log File MP gives you the option to define log file names as absolute
paths including the directory using a regex pattern with no restrictions.

Beyond log file reading: Agent-based program execution interface
The NiCE Log File MP includes a powerful program execution interface that can run scripts and programs to create, extract, and modify logs from proprietary event and log file sources.

This feature expands the usage of the NiCE Log File MP beyond just reading log files. This execution interface is part of a “Managed Module” to the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA), thus, It is truly agent based. It provides the best possible performance and no additional installation is required.

Target groups:
  • SCOM administrators
  • System administrators
  • IT professionals
  • DBAs
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