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MP3 Normalizer

Normalizing your MP3 or WAVE files with the same volume.
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Tired of constantly adjusting your audio's volume? Mp3 Normalizer ensures that all your music play at the same volume level. Mp3 Normalizer is a piece of software designed for the purpose of improving the quality of Mp3 and WAV files by normalizing your Mp3 or WAVE files with the same volume.

Mp3 Normalizer can normalize both Audio Mp3 and WAV files. And it supports batch normalizing, that is, you can add as many Mp3 and WAV files as you like into the list, then click the "Normalize" button to start normalizing at once. With Mp3 Volume Normalizer, you can normalize all your Mp3 files to the same volume for keep.

Or normalize all your Mp3 and WAV files to the same volume for burning CDs. Mp3 Normalizer is ideal if you want to have an optimal level of volume in all the Mp3 files from your music collection. 


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