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MKS Toolkit products provide essential UNIX/Linux-Windows interoperability functionality

Version:  9.2

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The MKS Toolkit solution allows users to instantly be productive in both 32 and 64-bit Windows environments while doing their development, testing or system administration tasks. It also provides a full range of cross-platform tools, expanding the union of Windows and UNIX-based environments. MKS Toolkit provides essential UNIX-Windows interoperability and Windows scripting functionality to millions of users worldwide.

Feature and Benefits:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Most MIS organizations are opting for a mix of UNIX/Linux and Windows operating systems, requiring a single suite of tools that can help their teams be more productive. Secure (secure shell and SFTP) and remote connectivity tools to meet security demands and easily access all applications and data that exist within those mixed computing environments.

Scripting - cross-platform software, script and Web development – write C, C++ andFortran code, or Korn Shell, C Shell, Perl, and Awk scripts once and deploy on Windows, UNIX and Linux. Port UNIX, C, C++ and Fortran applications to Windows easily, leveraging existinginvestments.

Maintain a single source base across UNIX and Windows save time and money for years to come. Automate repetitive tasks. Use a powerful command line environment with over 400 industry standard commands & utilities. Remotely and securely administer all systems in the network with secure shell.

Developers can easily become more productive with Visual Studio VIW Plug-in and Syntax highlighting features. Ported UNIX application runs as a native Windows application with access to UNIX APIs and libraries with equal access to Windows APIs, libraries and frameworks, such as COM and .Net. Visual SFTP Explorer extension allowing drag/drop and other file operations through the graphical Windows interface. MKS Toolkit 9.2 highlights include:

§ Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 - MKS Toolkit 9.2 is fully compatible with the release version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Details on using the Visual Studio 2008 IDE to compile, link, and debug applications can be found in the "The Porting Process" and "Using the Visual C++ IDE" chapters of the online version of the MKS Toolkit UNIX to Windows Porting Guide. You can also request this guide at: http://www.mkssoftware.COM/eval/evalform.asp?product=document&item=uwpg

§ In addition to support for various C/C++ compilers, this release also features support for version 10.0 of the Absoft Pro Fortran f90/f77 compiler. This compiler can produce executables for both the 32-bit x86 and the 64-bit x64 platforms

§ Updated Operating System Compatibility - Compatible with Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008, and the release candidate of Windows XP SP3

Target groups:
  • Developers
  • Development Managers
  • IT Managers
from 328.44 EUR (276.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) Single copy
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Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
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Win Vista
Win XP
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Hardware requirements - All MKS Toolkit products run on Windows systems with Intel 32-bit, Itanium (IA64), or Extended Architecture 64-bit (x64) processors.
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