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KM2002 - Complexity, Variant and Value Management

Transparent virtualization of complex product models Consulting and optimization


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The KM2002 supports you with the computation, visualization, optimization and reduction of product variants.

With an easy to use and professional graphical user interface, the KM2002 is the ideal tool to support the variant and value management in marketing, in the development, in production and selling. The value analyses support the controller in economical decision.

Application fields:

  • Visualization of product variants in variants tree
  • Navigation in the variant structure in variants explorer
  • Clearly overview presentation of the variants distribution
  • Planning games with different variants
  • Determination of equal and difference parts
  • Planning games when using equal parts
  • Value analyses
  • Evaluation of variants on characteristic numbers
  • Variants reduction


  • Data import of part lists, type lists and construction unit lists
  • Forward calculation, by modelling from characteristics and developments and applying dependence
  • Backward calculation with imported data
  • Evaluation with flexible reports


  • Support of same variants with different parts lists (Sub variants)
  • By Reengineering of imported data it is possible to generate models for the forward calculation. The reengineered models can be used for planning games
  • Very large models (theoretical variance > 1021 (Trilliarden)) can be processed
  • The KM2002 is individually adaptable to your needs
  • flexible, configurable ASCII import
  • Interface to relational data base (ORACLE)
  • customized interfaces
Target groups:

- Individual, small and large series production
- Service provider
- Mechanical Engineering
- Automotive

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