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ITM - IT Asset Management software to manage service desk and asset inventory

Version:  2.1

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ITM is a set of practice that support life-cycle management and track your assets investment. Not managing IT Assets? Without Asset Management, the companies are blind and deaf And managing IT Assets yourself would end up with list of queries…..

An IT Asset is a product that has cost, an Owner and adds financial value to an organization. IT Assets are managed throughout the Assets Life-Cycle. Asset details are normally stored in the Asset Repository AMDB as an Asset Record.

HOWEVER, the Repository is concerned with all assets, regardless of their status and purposes as well the financial cost and its relation with the Company’s Investment.

 You Know What, You only need is a Good Quality APP…for a GOOD ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTION…

  • You’ll be ensured to not only know what you own and where IT is, but will also give you a complete history of the life-cycle of your Assets.
  • You’ll be ensured that your Assets are optimally utilized.
  • You can review your assets to identify old assets that may need to be replaced.
  • You can also view repair histories to identify trends on problem equipment’s.
  • And, knowing what assets you have and where IT is located will let you find them quickly and prevent you from unnecessarily replacing items you already have.

ALSO… An application with mobile accessibility and barcode scanning capabilities will allow you to track your assets from any location; this will help you to access an asset record from anywhere.

A report with charts allows you to see info at a glance and easily share the information with others. Valuable data, such as Depreciation calculations allow you to not only see the assets you have, but also how they are being used.

IT asset management generally uses automation, including the use small “passive” RFID tags designed to fit all types of IT assets and smart software designed to track the RFID-tagged asset locations automatically, for managing  IT Assets the discovery of assets, so inventory can be compared to ownership information

For small and medium-sized businesses, a solution might not have to be so robust as to influence many departments. However, IT assets still need to be tracked for risk management, accurate resource and budget allocation, and accountability of assets’ whereabouts. A good solution for small businesses will enable them to search for assets they currently own, managing IT Assets online and offline, and plan accurately for the future. These tasks, however, should be simple, secure and efficient because a small business IT professional’s time is very valuable.

Target groups:

CEO, IT, CIO, IT Managers

199.00 USD (199.00 USD plus 0% VAT) monthly
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Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
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Mac OS
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