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IKS - Integrated Kanban System

Software to support manual Kanban systems and to realize electronic Kanban

Version:  3.5

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manufactus GmbH, Starnberg: eKanban System IKS

KANBAN - Lean - Smart -Simple

IKS is a highly developed and easy to use software package to realize electronic Kanban. IKS makes your Kanban system easier, faster and more efficient!

IT enables our customers to implement an e-Kanban systems along the complete supply chain fast and efficiently.
IKS supports Kanban users in every aspect - from the introduction of Kanban to daily management and control of the Kanban processes.
Significant added features like an easy Kanban management, the capability to integrate into existing IT world, the analysis of historical data, the fast adjustment to demand changes, an early warning system for recognition of critical situations and much more round off the possibilities of IKS.

Kanban based systems for Lean Production processes pulls products throughout supply chains and is therefore more efficient than traditional MRP scheduling approaches. Goods will be produced based on the actual demand and not based on an imaginary production plans.
Manual Kanban systems fulfil one commandment of a lean production - “keep IT simple“ - but they reach their limits in several situations.

There are several typical scenarios for the use of electronic Kanban, where manual Kanban systems show disadvantages. Here several examples where an electronic Kanban system is an absolute must:

  • Handling of thousands of part numbers and Kanban cards
  • No standardization of Kanban processes
  • Lost Kanban cards
  • Little transparency concerning open Kanban orders, inventory etc.
  • Installation of Kanban loops despite of great distances
  • Changing customer demands
  • No real time information about possible delivery problems
  • No option to analyze historical data to control and improve the Kanban parameters
  • No continuous improvement of the Kanban system to maximize financial savings

IKS can be used from start of (manual) Kanban introduction to define Kanban loops and to print the Kanban cards. But if you want to move to “electronic Kanban” later, everything is well prepared for the next step!

Also an IKS Web-Interface is available to link external suppliers and customers via Internet.
All kind of printers and barcode readers can be connected to the IKS system. Additionally Mobile Terminals (PDAs) can be used to get a very high flexibility at the shop-floor.

Please contact us for an IKS presentation or for our workshop "Way to electronic Kanban".
If there are any questions open, don't hesitate to contact us!

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