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Global Listed Company Directory CD-ROM

Collection of companies listed in global market incl.New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, etc
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An Global Listed Company Directory CD-ROM is available for this program order service. Direct order from the vendor for the price of 355.81 EUR per client.

Global Listed Company Directory

This list is a collection of companies listed in global market including New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, China Stock Exchange, and etc.
USA Japan United Kingdom Australia China Taiwan Germany
France Greece Poland Bulgaria Italy Canada Norway...
19,400 Companies in over 100 Categories
incl. Contact Name, Stock Symbol, Stock Exchange, Address,Website, Email

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Fields included

Business Name, Stock Symbol, Stock Exchange, Phone, Fax, Address,Website, Email and et
* Not all entries are filled with each field




Number of total entries (companies)


Entries with Website


Entries with Email


Entries with Fax number


Entries with Phone number


Entries with Address


Entries with Name of contact


* Numbers vary frequently and the final result on your CD/DVDs may differ. Duplicate exists. Some websites, emails, fax numbers or phone numbers may expire.
This product is NOT A COMPLETE LIST of businesses of this region (country or area).

This list is a collection of companies listed in global market including New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, China (Shanghai + Shenzhen) Stock Exchange, and etc. It also includes some OTC companies and funds.

- The first complete list in English covering fast growing market such as China
- Covering all major economic powers including North America, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Singapore India and more (This list doesn't have the price information)

Why Listed companies?

Listed companies covers most of the biggest companies in the world and they are publicly monitored and strictly regulated thus produce a much better pool of your potential investing or trading partners.

You can also use this list as a starting point to find opportunities in the global investment environment.

What's inside?

- more than 19,000 companies listed in USA, Europe, China and other global stock market
- detailed contact information such as website, address, fax, telephone number, email
- top officers (management) list of each company
- sorted by sector and industry
- major activities of each company

Summary by country (of listed company)



United States




United Kingdom




























The Netherlands












Republic of Ireland


Hong Kong














Markets (stock exchanges) covered included in this list:

Market/system Name

American Stock Exchange

Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Athens Stock Exchange

Australia Stock Exchange

Barcelona Stock Exchange

Berlin Stock Exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange

Brussels Stock Exchange

Buenos Aires Stock Exchange

China Shanghai Stock Exchange

China Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Cincinnati Stock Exchange

Consolidated European Quote

Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Dusseldorf Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Fukuoka Stock Exchange

Hamburg Stock Exchange

Hanover Stock Exchange

Helsinki Stock Exchange

Hong Kong Stock

Iceland Stock Exchange

Irish Stock Exchange

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Korea Stock Exchange

Latinoamerican Market in Spain

Lima Stock Exchange

Lisbon Stock Exchange

Ljubljana Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

Madrid SE C.A.T.S.

Madrid Stock Exchange

Mexico Stock Exchange

Midwest Stock Exchange

Milan Stock Exchange

Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange

Munich Stock Exchange

Nagoya Stock Exchange



National Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange of India

New York Consolidated

New York Stock Exchange

New Zealand Stock Exchange

Nordic Growth Market


Osaka Stock Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange


Paris Stock Exchange

Philadelphia Stock Exchange

Plus Markets Group PLC

Prague Stock Exchange

Riga Stock Exchange

Sao Paolo Stock Exchange

Sapporo Stock Exchange

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange of Singapore

Stockholm Stock Exchange

Swiss Exchange

Taiwan Stock Exchange

Tallin Stock Exchange

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Toronto Stock Exchange

TSX Venture Exchange

USA Pink Sheets

Vienna Stock Exchange

Vilnius Stock Exchange

Virt-X Level 1


Email addresses - General Policies

How to get email addresses?

You can copy and paste email addresses along other information when you purchase the standard format databases (by default). Multiple rows (records) are allowed.

If you purchase the raw data option in MS access format or other open format, you can usually export any specified fields (columns) to text file or other format.

Email addresses only?

We don't sell email addresses alone and We don't support email marketing.

Quality of the email addresses

We don't test or verify email addresses in our databases, nor the compilers. No guarantee or warranty on the quality.

Email address quality decrease for aged products. For better results, always try the "new release" lists.

Developing countries, such as China, India, Brazil, etc, usually have more "dropped" or "dead" email addresses than the developed countries.


Numbers regarding email are "number of records with emails" and duplicate addresses exist.

The extact number of "unique" addresses will be slightly smaller than the numbers shown on our pages.

General Policies

  • Email addresses in our database are provided for convential business contacts only.
  • We don't test or verify email addresses, nor can We guarantee the quality.
  • Emails addresses are submitted to the data compiler's website or listed on the owner's websites. They are not neccessarily "opt-in" addresses.
  • We do not support email marketing or any similar campaigns based on email communication.
  • Sending our large number of email messages should be guided by local or international laws and protocols.

mdb File (RAW-Data)

We provide data in open format (MS Access (mdb), unless explicitly stated otherwise) for some database products at customers' convenience only.

However, please be noticed that:

1) mdb file is not required for general functions of the directory. The Infot directory manager software bundled with the directory can work properly without the mdb files. Users purchase the mdb files only for advanced export ability.

2) Purchasing the MS Access file doesn't mean any authorization beyond the end-user-agreement. Having the data in open format bundle the customer more responsibility to follow the end-user-agreement since the data can be easily distributed or pirated. Any usage beyond the end-user-agreement, including but not limited to, disclosing on public website, redistributing to 3rd party, embedding them into applications used by 3rd parties, are prohibited.

3) No technical support available for MS Access processing. Special skills may be required to handle the mdb file and the customer are supposed to have them. Our support and service on open format are limited to provide the correct format as well as the database structure (inside relationships).

4) MS Access program is not included. The customer need purchase or upgrade their own MS Access program at their own cost. Questions about the MS Access program will not be answered by our technical support team.

5) mdb files are usually much larger than the standard release format. They can be compressed in zip format and proper tools such as "Winzip", "WinRAR" are required to open the zipped file. Those tools are not included.

6) Download option may get void due to the size of mdb files.

7) mdb files are provided to qualified customers only. We reserve all the rights to make decisions if to honor this option or not. If your order with mdb files are not qualified, you can either drop this order or remove the mdb option.

Check each product's page for the final price.

System requirement
- Microsoft Access 2000 or higher version required to open the mdb file.

For more details please refer to our website:

Global Listed Company Sample:

355.81 EUR per client
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