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Genius Project4Domino - Genius Project

Leading Project Management System on web- IBM Lotus Notes and SaaS

Version:  5.1

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Genius Project is a Web and Domino-based project management solution that fulfills all your project management needs: planning, document management, collaboration, reporting, resources management, budget and cost tracking. Reduce costs while improving team performance and ROI. It includes Genius Planner Gantt and MS Project integration.

Discover the virtual workplace to manage projects and processes, where internal and external people can be involved. At any time, anywhere, you can have access to this information: Who, when, how, how much.

With Genius Project you get a complete project management solution with portfolio management, cost and budget tracking, a Gantt diagram, centralized resources management, user friendly timesheets, advanced reporting, process and workflow support, document management, risk management, plus automatic email and to do notification. It addresses the need of organizations for an enterprise-wide solution that provides core project management functionality and reduces/eliminates manual plan updating between users and storing of redundant data across desktops. Projects and resources are managed. Project managers are able to track all the projects, their progress and their costs. Management is able to make better decision strategic decision and team collaboration and communication is improved.

Genius Project also leverages Microsoft office suite as well Microsoft Project with its unique Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project.

Genius Project is also a 100% web-based solution, enables project managers to assimilate users outside of the organization. All the project team members stay connected and share information for effective collaboration, performance and response. Teams are constantly more knowledgeable which leads to better decisions and reduced costs.

This affordable user friendly solution requires very little training to make your organization more efficient.

Functions list:


  • Portfolio and risk management
  • Multi-Project dashboards
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Genius Planner, built-in Gantt chart
  • Centralized project plan
  • Bi-directional MS Project Integration
  • Import-Export between Genius Planner and Microsoft Project
  • Project documents with objectives, goals and scope
  • Budget documents with internal, external resource cost and investments
  • Project request


  • Resources availability with skills management
  • Capacity planning
  • Advanced search resource


  • Detailed Project tracking
  • Cost and budget tracking
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Earned value calculation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Automatic calculation of progress and budget spent
  • Automatic progress reports
  • Personal dashboards


  • Centralized document management with versioning and history
  • Customizable document templates
  • Automatic distribution of tasks and documents
  • Email and to do notification
  • Processes and workflow support
  • Email import


  • Automatic generation of weekly timesheets per collaborator
  • Approval workflow
  • Remaining work request


  • 2008 Lotus Award's Best Mid-Market Solution
  • 2006 Finalist for Best Lotus Software Solution
  • 2004 Winner of CTO Award : best innovative solution

For small budget and firm, a express version is available

Target groups:

Genius Project is a cross-industry solutions. Leaders in banking, automotive, life sciences, IT, consumer products etc, are taking advantages of the solution.

on request (starer pack 10 licences)
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+41-(0)21 310 7000
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