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FlowFact Immobilien CRM - Real Estate CRM

Professional CRM Software solution for real estate business
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Program Description:

The FlowFact Real estate application is a powerful CRM solution designed to boost your company’s success, which can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements.

Integrating all corporate divisions allows targeted customer management, strengthening existing customer relationships and successfully building new ones.

Central access to a shared data store for all staff and departments pools knowledge, helping you to identify and develop profitable customer relationships and increase your company’s competitiveness in the long term.

FlowFact provides flexible support for a wide range of functions and meets some highly complex demands:

  • Management of addresses and contacts
  • Appointment and resource management
  • groupware solution (e.g.)
  • Sales and marketing management (target group-specific actions)
  • Management of projects, campaigns and events
  • Management cockpit
  • Reporting and analysis tools
  • Word and Excel integration
  • Workflow management
  • Company portal site containing all key information
  • A to-do-list showing all outstanding tasks at a glance
  • Streamlined flows of information to staff, team members and project teams
  • Dial telephone numbers directly from FlowFact (CTI function)
  • Automatic documentation of activities (such as email, telephone calls, mailings, etc.) for comprehensive contact and project files
    Multilingual facility
  • Integration in the existing IT infrastructure
Target groups:

FlowFact is a solution for small and medium-sized real estate businesses

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System requirements:
Online - based:
ASP / SaaS (web based application)
Operating Systems:
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs:
Old OSs:
Win Vista
Win XP
Memory requirements
542 MB RAM, 1000 MB Hard Disk
Overall information of software::
System Language:
German, English, French, multilingual
Users Manual, Online Help
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Installation Support:
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First installation (year):
Manufacturer based in:

Corpus Sireo, Cologne
FlowFact has created the technical foundations for professional cross-selling between the municipal savings bank divisions and the Corpus property group. The increased sales efficiency combined with improvements in quality and service are the result of a detailed analysis of our business processes which we then implemented in FlowFact. The logical flows in our sales organisation, management and controlling processes allow us to concentrate on the essentials – selling and creating value. As the Corpus group continues to expand, our aim for the future is to create a single corporate network integrating all branches and field staff.

Johannes Schneider, CEO
Schneider & Prell Vermögenstreuhand GmbH, Wolfratshausen

Schneider & Prell could be described as a pioneering customer in the "vanguard" of users of the FlowFact Real Estate application. In our business as an estate agent, it brings fully documented and traceable flows (activities), helps us to monitor deadlines, enables us to rapidly produce synopses and keeps all office staff fully informed and up-to-date. Proper use of the application ensures successful operations.
Dirk Schemmer, CEO
Dirk Schemmer Immobilien, Freiburg

As an enthusiastic user of FlowFact, the main benefits for me are more time for the essentials and greater personal contact with customers. We can send synopses faster and more efficiently, for example, over 50% of our quotations are now sent by email. FlowFact Property Tracking allows our clients to check the status of promised services online at any time. Property Tracking has had a very positive effect on cooperation with clients and has strengthened our relationship of trust with them.

Helmut Christmann, CEO
Helmut Christmann Immobilien GmbH, Kelkheim

FlowFact has optimised our corporate structures. Rapid access to all data and information has considerably improved and simplified cooperation between staff. It has also had a positive effect on existing customer and partner relationships. The link to Microsoft Word and Excel and the user-friendliness of the solution have resulted in significant improvements in our correspondence processes. Interaction with our field staff via a database is proving highly effective.

Contact information::
Herr Steffen Schaack
+49(0)221 - 995 90-100
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from 1713.60 EUR (1440.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client

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