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FINEST CUT CAD/CAM universal programming system Gas, plasma, laser and water-jet cutting.

Version:  7.1

Compatible with

CAD/CAM/NEST/ERP-system for programming of Gas, plasma, laser and water jet cutting machines

Open system for individual solutions

  • interfaces for transferring geometries and orders
  • quick integration into the existing IT-environment
  • reporting to superior systems
  • customer consulting and developing of special functions

Time saving by professional data management

  • central entering and management of technology and machinery parameters
  • automatic assigning of technology and machinery parameters while generating parts and     plans
  • order management with quantity control and control of specified nesting parameters (valid angular position, mirroring)
  • management of material and rest sheets
  • traceability of orders and parts
  • version control of drawings
  • validity check by defined parameters

Only one programming system for machines made by different manufactures

  • cost saving in purchasing as well as in training and maintaining
  • one team of  FINEST users instead of many specialists for different programming systems
  • one contact person for the team of working preparation
  • drawing and material management for all machines  within one system
  • quick automated technology customizing of existing nesting plans for optimal using of machine capacities
  • mature and in practice approved post processors for a large number of cutting machines

Material saving by scrap minimizing

  • different strategies for automatic alignment of parts
    • contour nesting of several parts including utilization of inner contours
    • optimized nesting strategy for rectangular parts
    • special nesting strategy for circular blanks
    • single parts nesting in parquet pattern modus
    • displacing of parts to build a common edge (common cut)
  • manual nesting
    • moving, rotating and mirroring by using mouse
    • collision check of the distances between parts and parts to sheet edges
    • building and manipulating  groups to modify nesting plans quickly
    • access to the functions of automatic nesting

Process safety and cost saving by means of mature technological functions

  • bridges and joints for fixing parts in material
  • chain cutting for protection of cutting tools and time saving while piercing
  • common separating cut for minimizing cutting length
  • reasonable leadin-forms and piercing variants for respective cutting method
Target groups:

FINEST CUT was designed not only for use in workshops with heterogeneous machinery but also with a view to integration in modern client/server environments as an open system. The use of modern development tools led to a programming software, which takes the use of machine technology and operating systems of the new millennium into account.

The modular structure and the approved concept of different levels enable configurations, which offer the necessary flexibility for job shops as well as the fulfilment of complex requirements of industrial applications.

SaaS, webbasiert, Cloud:
On-Premises (local installation):
System requirements:
Compatible Operating Systems (runs with):
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Windows operation system, screen resolution from 1024*768, min. storage of 32 MB RAM, 1 GB hard disk
Overall information of software::
System Language:
German, English, multilingual
Users Manual, Online Help
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included in price
Installation Support:
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possible for a fee
First installation (year):
Worldwide number of installations:
over 700
Vendor based in:
  • Arcelor, Stahlwerke Bremen, D
  • Arcelor, EKO-Stahlwerke, Eisenhüttenstadt, D
  • AKER MTW-Werft / IMAWIS, Wismar,D
  • Babcock, UAE & Oberhausen, D
  • BBS II (Ausbildung zum Laser-Assistenten), Aurich, D
  • BBZ (Berufsbildungszentrum), FULDA, D
  • Bombardier Transportation Hungary Kft., H
  • Broder Maschinenbau, Königswartha, D
  • Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, D
  • CHK Engineering LTD., GB
  • CORUS, Koblenz, D
  • Daimler Chrysler, Sindelfingen, D
  • Deutsche Bahn AG, D
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), D
  • DAS Quality control, IND
  • Doerr Kampen b.v., AN Kampen , NL
  • Franke RoestvrijstaalL Nederland B.V., NL
  • FAM Polska Spolka z.o.o., PL
  • Ferruform (ehemals Saab Scania), S
  • Fraunhofer Institut, Dortmund, D
  • Hanses, Maschinen- und Stahlbau, Meschede, D
  • Heraeus Quarzglas, Hanau, D
  • HT Lasertekniikka, Jyväskylä, FIN
  • ITM bv Industriele Toelevering Metaal, NL-'s-Gravenpolder, NL
  • Lagan, Plaatproducter, S
  • LBF Lufttechnik GmbH, Lauterbach, D
  • LFS Laserformschnitt, Berlin, D
  • LMW – Lakshmi Machine Works, IND
  • MAN Logistics und MAN Roland, Heilbronn & Augsburg, D
  • Max Planck Institut, Garching, D
  • MBM Metallbau, Dresden, D
  • MCE Voest, Linz, A
  • Nagel GmbH, Nürtingen, D
  • Noell Imac & Gulf Piping, UAE
  • Plauen Stahltechnologie, D
  • Reschke Schweißtechnik, Maintal, D
  • Salzgitter AG, Stahl und Technologie, D
  • Schmidt Gebr., Herborn, D
  • Siemens Power Generation, Berlin, D
  • SLV Duisburg & SLV Mannheim , D
  • Stahlbau Wagner, Linz, A
  • Stahlbau Zeidlhofer, Amstetten, A
  • Technische Universität Ilmenau, D
  • Technologiepool Emden, D
  • Thyssenkrupp, Altena und Dortmund, D
  • Universität Gleiwitz, Gleiwitz, D
  • Universität Konstanz, Konstanz, D
  • Vattenfall Europe, Cottbus, D
  • Von Schaewen, Essen, D
  • ZIRRO Stahl- und Maschinenbau, Schrobenhausen, D

and other users world wide (over 700)

Contact information::
Herr Dipl.-Ing. FH Norman Köhn
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