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Graphing, digitizing and curve-fitting software

Version:  1.93

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Graphing, Digitizing, Curve fitting and Analysis software application

This software has been created for engineers, mathematicians, scientists, graduate students and other professionals who use graphing software to solve complex problems. Take any graph or data from any source (Web or PDF document, for example) add your comments and perform any manipulations, like nonlinear regression or curve fitting. Then print your results or export them to Excel or other database. With the combination of the intuitive interface, online help and wide range of features, FindGraph is a tool that is used effectively by both beginners and experts.

Data can be entered by importing It from ASCII files created by other applications, by importing Excel spreadsheet data, by cutting and pasting It from other Windows based applications, by typing It into a standard spreadsheet interface, by digitizing screen charts. The Wizard of Digitization will help you to digitize the data. Graphs are handled automatically or manually.

Cursor position zoom lets you select several pixel colors to digitize. Sophisticated algorithm is used to exclude net. There is automatic correction for rotated charts and graphs. It is possible to digitize only selected data and to handle log and linear scales. You can manually add single data points and remove mistakes. With graphical editor you can easily add, move, copy and delete data points, remove and duplicate graphs. Basically, FindGraph offers three important functions - advanced graphing, curve fitting, and analysis. User-friendly multi-step wizards guide you through a variety of tasks.Special set of curve-fitting features offers 10 generic fits (Linear Regression, Logistic Functions, Fourier approximation, Neural Networks, etc.).

Plus, the program offers a vast set of unique 300 industry-specific formulas. The Wizard of Approximation will help you to apply a variety of curve fits to your plot to discover the best model to describe your data. With FindGraph, even a statistical novice can find the best equation in just a few minutes. FindGraph offers the feature to find the best-fit equation to describe two dimensional data.

If you are not sure which equation you should use to model your data, the "Find best curve fit" Wizard will help you to determine the ideal equation. The best-fit equations are unlikely to correspond to real scientific models, but you can use this feature to quickly and easily perform a series of "what-if" calculations.

FindGraph presents the results in a table, and superimposes the best-fit curves on the graph to help you visually discover the ideal model.FindGraph provides automatic logging of all curve-fit analysis including coefficients, standard error, residual and regression model graphs. FindGraph uses parametric equations to fit data with closed curves. The B-spline estimation options include a pure interpolation and a least squares curve approximation. A least squares approximation for parametric Sine and Cosine curves is included. The derivatives are available.All fits are calculated with incredible speed and accuracy.

You can fit data to lines or curves. Regression curve fits are 1st to 20th order polynomial, power, exponential, or log. Peak fitting features are included. Neural network approximation is equally suited for advanced and inexperienced users. You can use your own curve fitting algorithms as plug-ins.

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  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Business
  • Education
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Win 10
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Win Vista
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Russian Federation
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Herr Sergey Vasilyev
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32.00 EUR (32.00 EUR plus 0% VAT) per client (full version)

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