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EPLAN Electric P8

Version:  2.0

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EPLAN offers electrical CAD and CAE software. The new EPLAN Platform makes seamless information exchange possible between the electrical, fluid, instrumentation & control, and 2D/3D enclosure design engineering products

EPLAN Electric P8 is proven to help increase quality, reduce cost and bring products to market faster whenever and wherever electrical controls design is an important part of a business.

EPLAN Electric P8 1.8.6 is the ultimate flexible solution for global controls design engineering. It’s highly innovative and user friendly. In fact, EPLAN Electric P8 is so much more that to better describe what makes It different, superior and ahead of its time, perhaps we should mention what it’s not.

EPLAN Electric P8 is not a drafting package. With EPLAN Electric P8 1.8.6, you will eliminate, repetitive, unproductive, mundane and tedious manual work associated with traditional drafting packages. No more spending valuable time on wire numbering, device naming, cross referencing, checking for errors and creating bill of materials and wire lists. Instead, you’ll get to focus your full attention on design engineering to meet critical deadlines and fulfill high accuracy and quality expectations.

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Win 10
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Win Vista
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  • Automotive Industry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Power Industry
  • Machinery
  • Water-treatment
  • Packaging
  • Enclosures
  • Oil & Gas
  • Entertainment Industry
  • System Integrators
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+603 7954 5525
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