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Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics is a simulation platform for logistics & business processes

Version:  9

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Enterprise Dynamics („ED“) is a comprehensive simulation tool that gives insight into complex business processes and helps to support in the implementation of new or varied processes into existing corporate structures.  Hence, ED contributes in avoiding unnecessary risks, because besides of the performance also implementation and integration variations of each process are simulated and therefore can be adapted or corrected before execution of investments.

Enterprise Dynamics is an object-oriented simulation development-platform for event-controlled simulation, analysis, visualization and control of discrete processes. The software is based upon the powerful Enterprise Dynamics simulation-engine and comes with an OpenGL-capable 2D- and 3D-visualization, numerous industrial interfaces (as ActiveX, OLE, ODBC and ADO) as well as an extensive library consisting of standard simulation objects (in ED so called “Atoms”) for the simulation of material flow and logistics.

Enterprise Dynamics simulation software is offered in the following versions:

ED Viewer

Our free ED Viewer allows you to open, run and view any simulation model or application. This license is ideal for simulation modelers who like to offer their customer(s) a working simulation model that they can run, but not modify. In comparison to a movie (which displays a predefined sequence of frames) the user can decide which part of the model is highlighted or visualized (either 2D or 3D).

ED Runtime

The ED Runtime version allows the user to open and run simulation models and applications. The user is also capable of changing the model parameters to setup a specific simulation run. The ED Runtime does not allow you to develop a simulation model.

Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics allows you to develop simulation models based on the numerous available simulation objects within your ED library and enables the ability to develop your own simulation objects or to modify any of the existing simulation objects. With Enterprise Dynamics you are capable of developing your own simulation libraries and applications.

The building blocks and functionalities listed under “ED Packages” can be added as required to complete/extend the already included basic-atoms and are provided as download on the INCONTROL website.

ED Packages
With Enterprise Dynamics 9 we introduce the package concept that makes It easier than before to expand Enterprise Dynamics’ capabilities with additional simulation objects, new functionalities and special features. On top of the large object library that is included with Enterprise Dynamics, the user can now add packages that fit the purpose of the project.

Depending on the license, packages are available for download from the INCONTROL website. Most of these packages will be free-of-charge and provide additional simulation objects (atoms), libraries, interfaces, 3rd party products, or additional functionality for the ED kernel. Also, Enterprise Dynamics delivers a platform for consultants and specialists to express their Know-how in offering packages to a world-wide user base.

All available packages can be downloaded and loaded from the software itself. The list of available packages will be continuously revised. The packages are under constantly improvement and will be updated on a regular basis through major and minor updates.

Available Packages

  • Archive Atoms
  • Advanced Robots
  • ASRS
  • TransferCar
  • OPC Client
  • Security 1)
  • Developer Tools
  • DLL
  • SAP 1)

1) On request only, as customized preparations of these packages have to be provided by INCONTROL.

Archive Atoms
The Enterprise Dynamics objects have evolved over the years. Normally, simulation models will use the current version of the objects and each simulation model will benefit from the continuous development work on these objects. Anyway, some older models might require a specific older object. This package contains previous versions of objects and is provided for backward compatibility.

Advanced Robots
The Advanced Robots package adds 3 robot simulation objects to the object library:

  • Advanced Linear Robot
  • Advanced Scara Robot
  • Advanced Vertical Articulated Robot

This package adds ASRS objects to your library. An ASRS is a rail bound single track vehicle to store and retrieve goods of warehouse racks. There are parameters to edit size, position and layout of all elements.

Transfer Car
A Transfer Car system is a rail bound single or double track vehicle for fast and reasonable linear transport and/ or to combine multiple input and output locations of material flow. Especially for longer distances, Transfer Cars are used instead of conveyors for example to connect the inbounds of several warehouse aisles.

OPC Client
OLE Process Control or OPC is a standard developed by Microsoft for communicating to numerous data sources, either devices on the factory floor or a database in a control room. Today many companies all over the world use OPC as a standard for their field, process and business management. By constantly providing information of the world reality, OPC acts as the link between simulation and reality in Enterprise Dynamics.

Many simulation libraries or models contain branch or company-specific Know-how. The ED Security package is developed to be able to protect this Know-how. It will encrypt simulation objects and models.

Developer Tools
The Development Tools package contains additional functionalities to assist the advanced user in developing an own set of objects. With the Development Tools package It is even possible to create own packages.

DLLs or Dynamic Linked Libraries were invented by Microsoft to enable computer programs to share parts of their functionality with other programs. The ED DLL package makes It possible to use DLLs with Enterprise Dynamics, which creates many advantages such as saving integration costs, expanding ED with own added-value functionalities, customizing front-end interfaces and communication without boundaries.

The ability to import and export data to external databases and systems is one of the strong points of Enterprise Dynamics. By adding a number of Gui-Builder components to communicate with SAP and corresponding new 4DScript functions, It is possible to read and write directly with your SAP system.

Target groups:
  • Distribution and warehouse logistics
  • Engineering, apparatus engineeringtoolbuilding and plant manufacturingengineering
  • Airports, railways and harbourstransport companies
  • Food production and processing
  • Ports, airports & stations
  • Steel production
  • Automotive manufacture
  • Mining
  • Health care
  • Call-Center
  • Education and training
  • Public institutions (museums, exhibitions, stadiums, ...)
from 2796.50 EUR (2350.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client - ED Runtime Version
from 9758.00 EUR (8200.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client - Enterprise Dynamics, Development Environment
from 595.00 EUR (500.00 EUR plus 19% VAT) annually - Education & Research License
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