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EasyLock - Data Safes

Turn USB Devices into Portable Data Safes: simple, fast, secure and convenient


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Turn USB Devices into Portable Data Safes: simple, fast, secure and convenient

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EasyLock is an enterprise grade portable data encryption solution for every computer user, from novice to expert, helping anyone turn any mobile storage device into a portable data safe. EasyLock protects your data: simple, fast, convenient and very secure.

The crypto engine provides military and government- approved 256bit AES CBC-mode encryption. The intuitive interface lets you drag & drop files and folders to your portable device and encrypts them on the fly. Additional security is provided by a minimum password length or enforceable encryption together with Endpoint Protector as Endpoint Security and Data Loss Prevention Solution.

EasyLock turns portable devices into TrustedDevices assuring that no user will be able to copy data in unencrypted format to the device and exposing data to accidental data leakage or intentional data theft. Users can efficiently use portable storage devices that are authorized for use in the environment while endpoint security policies and data encryption policies are enforced. EasyLock offers users an easy way to deal with the risk posed by data being lost or stolen.

Using secure encryption and in the same time, preserving mobility EasyLock can be used on any mobile device such as USB sticks, portable hard disks, iPods and even your beloved MP3 player. Secure your data with just one click. Than carry it with you wherever you go, in all safety, in your pocket.

11.84 EUR (9.95 EUR plus 19% VAT) per client (30 days trial version)
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