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digiSeal® office signature software for individual workstations

digiSeal® office signature software enables secure electronic business transactions
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The digiSeal® office signature software enables electronic business transactions to be processed in a secure and legally binding manner in anonymous networks. Any kind of document which would normally require a hand-written signature can be affixed with a legally binding electronic signature in accordance with Section 126a Subsection 1 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

This therefore ensures the authenticity and integrity of the electronic documents. It is no longer possible to manipulate the documents without being detected. Encrypting and decrypting the files ensures that unauthorized third parties are unable to view confidential data. The extended version, digiSeal® office pro, also allows batch signing of several files in one process with a single PIN entry.

Application areas:

  • electronic invoicing and credit notes (Art. 14 UStG)
  • medical reports
  • contracts
  • notifications
  • writs
  • quality documents

Features at a glance:

  • qualified, advanced and simple signatures
  • signature verification locally and online at a trust centre
  • encryption and decryption with password and certificate
  • integration in third party applications via digiSeal office API
  • supports legally compliant signature cards and software certificates from all relevant trust centres
  • always the correct signature format: PDF signatures (verifiable with Adobe Reader), PKCS#7 signatures (all file formats, e.g. XML, EDI, TIFF), 2D barcode signatures (for secure paper hardcopy)
  • multiple signatures in a single document
  • delivery with standard e-mail programs via Microsoft MAPI interface
  • GDPdU-compliant verification documentation
  • delf-verification mechanism within the software
  • PKCS#11 support for communicating with crypto tokens
  • conforms with interoperability standards, e.g. ISIS-MTT
Target groups:
  • small and medium sized enterprises (e-invoicing, eBilling)
  • organizations or institutions optimizing business processes or workflows
117.81 EUR (99.00 EUR plus 19% VAT)
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System requirements:
Compatible Operating Systems (runs with):
Win 10
Win 8
Win 7
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win Vista
Win XP
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
smart card reader (single, multi)
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  • B&N Software AG
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eBilling-Outsourcing-Service Provider (ASPs)

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Technology Partner & Trustcenter

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  • D-TRUST GmbH
  • digitronic - Ihr Software-Partner für Kommunikation und Sicherheit
  • Satz-Rechen-Zentrum (SRZ)
Contact information::
Herr Frank Lüneburg
030/756 59 78-0
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